Can carpool really help you save money
on daily commute?

The answer is “yes” In fact, Carpooling is the best way to save money on daily commute! Have you ever wondered “How much of your income do you spend on your daily commute?”
Well, according to the Times of India, the average daily commute to work for workers is an average of 5% of their income. If you spend a minimum of Rs. 200 on your daily commute to the office or college, and vice versa, you pay Rs 4800 for 24 working days in a month even when you travel by metro, private car, or bus.
Traveling to the office also takes a lot of time. Workers spend 7% of their day getting to and from the office. According to the Economic Times, office commuters from Mumbai and Bengaluru are the slowest because of traffic on the roads. The reasons for traffic in India are bad road quality causing delays in movement; illegal parking problems; wrong turns; unsupervised pedestrian crossings; and a large population that commutes daily. We can’t ignore the fact that traveling is becoming tougher day by day. We travel in crowded local trains, buses, auto rickshaws, and even cars, but that still does not solve the issue of traffic. One of the many ways to tackle these problems is by carpooling. The answer for why Carpool or what are the advantages of carpooling, and how does carpool help to save money on daily commute
By splitting the cost of petrol and the parking with another person, we can reduce our spending by at least 50%. If an individual is spending a certain amount, say Rs 200 everyday for daily commute, when they offer someone to carpool with them or they carpool with someone in their car with other riders, they end up paying 1/3rd or 1/4th of amount which in this situation will be Rs 67 or Rs 50 every day. From monthly expenses of Rs 5800, You can save more than 50% on daily commute to almost Rs 2050 per month!

Carpooling is also socially economical. Carpooling is not only cost-effective but also an easy way to reduce road traffic and combat pollution. We can carpool when others are travelling alone in their vehicles. The majority of road traffic is caused by vehicles not being used to their total seating capacity.

There are many benefits of carpooling for the environment. The foremost benefit is that carpooling is better for our environment. Having one less car on the road reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality. Secondly, Carpooling provides commuting convenience with less stress and companionship. Carpooling partners decide on their own special regulations that best suit their carpool’s requirements. Thirdly, Carpooling improves our commuting options. The choice to travel can be more practical and scheduled. Carpooling is also a great way to meet new people on the go.

If you live in metro cities like Mumbai. You can carpool in Mumbai, and share rides from places like Navi Mumbai, Thane, Santa Cruz or wherever you commute. Similarly, you can also Carpool in other cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. You can also share rides to other stations like Carpooling from Mumbai to Goa, Nashik or Pune. You can save money for outstation travels and connections with people!

POOLit, an exclusive, invite-only community for verified professionals and students, can help us save up to 70% on our daily commute.

POOLit is a Carpool app that offers carpooling with only verified professionals and students. You can save time and money while contributing to a cleaner environment. Consider signing up for the POOLit app, not only you can save your hard-earned money but also help to save the environment!

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