Day 1- Declutter your work and personal space

Our entire life is majorly divided into two parts – personal and professional. How we perform, practice, and prepare for both aspects determines the quality of our life. Keeping only personal space clutter-free is not enough because both are interrelated. An equal amount of effort is required to declutter the workspace.  Below are a few reasons why decluttering is important in human life.

Declutter life: Clarity around you helps to get clarity in your mind. Your outside space reflects your inner being. Get rid of irrelevant things and make space for those things that have a paramount significance in your life. The mind has to process everything that crosses the vision. If the vision is messy or cluttered, the outcome will be muddled too.  

Personal space impact: Have you ever noticed that your life surrounded by cluttering leads to unnecessary complications? It happens because one has not inculcated the habit of decluttering. Imagine, if you only keep consuming your favorite cuisine, desserts, and drinks without flushing them out of your system, it will eventually affect every organ of the body. Therefore, it’s important to declutter. Similarly, if your personal space is stuffed with all your favorite, loved but unused items it will eventually impact adversely on your mental health.

Work space impact: They say your workspace is your second home because we spend most of our productive hours of life in that place. Hence, decluttering and timely discarding of unnecessary things is a cardinal act. For instance, if the workspace is messy, or disorganized or items scattered all around then you may not find the most important document your CEO requested at that very moment. You may trip over loose carpeting, electrical cords, an open file drawer, or objects in walkways, etc. Your most important day might turn out to be a drastic day only due to the clutter you accumulated. Therefore, de-cluttering the workspace has immense importance in your life. The easy solution, to reduce the clutter and at the same time increase the shelf life of the items, is to give them away on a platform called POOLit. 

POOLit Classified is for verified professionals to give and take pre-loved items for reducing the number of products ending up in landfills. It is an application with a mission to create a sustainable community of like-minded people by giving and sharing. This app serves many purposes, one of them is decluttering our surroundings.

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