Day 3 -Practice The Art Of Givingaway

Giving away what we have to the less privileged is an art that one can develop at any phase of our life. Give away not only those items that do not mean anything to you but also things you do like but others need it more than you. Giving away is a gesture of being grateful and embracing the current circumstances. Giving away not only helps the receiver but also has a positive impact on the giver. Below mentioned is a list of a few return gifts that are bestowed upon the giver –

Declutter: We knowingly or unknowingly keep accumulating items in our houses that we don’t use for years, either it gets obsolete or gets damaged just lying there. Why not make it a habit to check our surroundings periodically? Give away the items that are no more useful to us irrespective of our emotional attachment to them. This will not only support the person in need but also declutter our surroundings. Joshua Becker rightly said, “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Empathy: Empathizing is an art not everyone is gifted with, it’s a quality that one can build over time. When we give away our loved possessions to those who are deprived or in need, we keep ourselves in their shoes and feel for them. Hence, the practice of giveaways teaches us the rare but significant quality to be empathetic. Empathy is the medicine that the world needs, always.

Less greedy & more grateful: Human wants are unlimited, the more we have the more we want. They say we live in a greedy world where there is no end to our desires. The practice of timely giving away from whatever little or a lot we possess, makes us count our blessings and makes us less materialistic.

Satisfaction: Another name for happiness is ‘satisfaction’. More often than not, we realize that every ounce of our efforts is to make our life comfortable and satisfactory. Try to get something from others and simultaneously give your pre-loved items to someone who is lacking them. Now evaluate both the feelings, surely one gets more satisfaction, contentment, and peace by giving away than getting something.

Contributing to the community: From the time we have embarked on the journey to this planet, we have received an umpteen amount of support without even asking for it. After a certain age, we are obliged to give back to the community, though it’s not a contract nor a clause. Just like our parents immensely contributed to our upbringing, when they become old it’s our responsibility to take care of them. Similarly, giving away our unused items or pre-loved accessories/gadgets gives us all an opportunity to give back to the community that has contributed to our upbringing.

We are fortunate to have a platform like POOLit Classifieds, where we have the option to either give away pre-owned items for free, or ask for a fixed price. It is a safe and trustworthy application as only verified users are granted access to the app. Always remember the more you give away the more you get rewarded. Give away our pre-loved items to declutter the surroundings, to become more empathetic, to live a satisfying life, and to contribute to our community.
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