Day 6 – Clean your desktop and inbox

We all know that a clean space equates to a clean mind. We often talk about minimalistic living and decluttering our homes. What we don’t realize is that choosing to live with less is much beyond just a clutter-free home.

Minimalistic living means a clutter-free life in all aspects.

We remember to clean our surroundings and our working space. We also remember to empty our trash every day. We give away our old stuff from our closet or our household. This is what minimalistic living is all about. But what we often forget is our desktops and our inbox. We spend most of our time on our laptops or desktops. All day we are checking our emails. Work from home is the new trend during this pandemic which is why most of our day is spent on our desks but we forget to clean them. In hindsight, it is a must to simplify your life.


Why clean your desktop and inbox?

We have cluttered our life to the brim. We all know the significance of clean surroundings and clean working spaces. It gives us a place to breathe and really enjoy our surroundings. However a clean desktop is equally important. Many times, we have files on our desktop which we might not have opened for months or even years sometimes. It’s unnecessary clutter.

It might be difficult at first. We often form deep attachments with materialistic things and have a hard time letting them go. Many times it just seems like too big or an almost impossible task to do. There is so much and we don’t know where to start decluttering. This in turn leaves us overwhelmed and we often leave the task. But cleaning our desktop and an empty inbox can help us attain visual peace and we’ll have a feeling of accomplishment everyday.

From junk mail to unnecessary notifications, subscriptions you’ve taken to mailing lists, you don’t even remember old emails which now serve no purpose. This isn’t just unnecessary clutter for your inbox, it also leaves a significant amount of carbon footprint. It’s not just car fumes, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels that are polluting our planet but spam and unnecessary emails are contributing to pollution as well. Each spam email contributes approximately 0.3g of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), so if you delete 500 spam emails it would delete 150g of CO2e from the environment. You will gain a feeling of control on your screen and save the environment too!

Choosing to live with less things is a considerable change in your life and choosing to be minimalistic in all aspects of your life is a step in the right direction. Cleaning our screens and sorting out inboxes seems such an impossible task but once you do, there is no going back.

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