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The idea of a clutter-free home and living a simple life sounds enticing to many, but it is a huge task that may feel very overwhelming initially so whether you aim for minimalistic living or just a means to simplify your life, it’s still a leap forward from the cluttered life you’re living. Decluttering and organizing can be extremely overwhelming and you might even get anxious, confused, and tired so it’s always best to tackle it in stages-focus on one room one space, or even go by a zone within the room. In the end, it’s about a clutter-free home and you can do that however you are comfortable.

     Here are some decluttering tips for your home-


    If you’re new to decluttering your home and don’t know how to start. The best time to start your journey to a clutter-free home is now, and start small if it overwhelms you. Start with contributing 5 minutes of your time, it may not seem a lot but because it is just five minutes, it doesn’t overwhelm you and inculcates a habit of decluttering and organizing.
    It may seem pretty basic but you can only start decluttering your home when you first organize it. Start with a small zone of your room and start decluttering and organizing it. Put away things that are not in their place, then sort your piles of cluttered mess into what you want to recycle, what you want to give away, and what’s simply trash that needs to go in the bin. This will aid you in decluttering your home.
    Decluttering your home means eliminating items you don’t want or don’t need anymore and what better way of eliminating your household items than giving them away. Determine a giveaway for the day and try to giveaway at least one item every day. This way you’ll be able to giveaway at least 365 items in a year and you can even increase them to two a day. Many giveaway apps and giveaway websites are available nowadays. And you’ll not only have a clutter-free home but also simplify your life.
    Remember, there are no set rules for a clutter-free home. Set your own goals and see what suits you best. Decluttering your home should be personal to you and so make a list, set your own goals for decluttering and organizing. Once you list it out, it’ll be easier to adhere to them and you’ll have your goals to fulfill.
    A Clutter-free home is eliminating your living space with what you don’t require. Categorize your possessions into what you require, what gives you joy, and what is just simply there and you no longer use. The rule of the thumb is to giveaway any item you haven’t used for over 6 months or a year. If you haven’t used that item in such a long time span you might not use it anymore, so you know it’s time to eliminate that it’s from your household and simplify your life.

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