POOLit - Research and UI/UX Design Mini-Internship (Live Project)


Application Deadline:

About the internship

  • Currently, POOLit “Super App” has multiple Apps such as Carpool and Classifieds. The goal of this internship is to either redesign an existing app or add a new app. For now, we won’t be focusing on the Carpool app. 

  • The project can be done remotely with the guidance of the POOLit Marketing & Design team on Zoom and Google Meet. You are, however, welcome to contact us via email or WhatsApp as often as you wish while you are working on this internship.
  • At successful completion, you will get a certificate. (for some people, it may be signed by the CEO based on their performance)
  • Send your resume to intern@karmacircles.com with the subject “Application for Design Mini-Internship” to apply for the internship.

About POOLit

  • POOLit is a community of verified working professionals & students offering free classifieds and carpools near you. Give away your pre-loved items in a safe community and contribute to sustainability
    – POOLit is FREE. Simply chat and make a deal.
    – POOLit is LOCAL. Buy, sell and carpool within your community by meeting at local hotspots. This means you don’t have to deal with packaging and postage.
  • It is available in all the major cities of the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Kuwait and India. POOLit has many unique features which make this app very different from other carpooling and classifieds apps.

POOLit Classifieds

POOLit classifieds is a platform to give and take pre-owned items/products with other verified professionals on the platform to create a sustainable environment. We provide our users with a safe and trustworthy experience as only verified professionals (with a valid email organization address) can use the app in order to interact with other professionals. Users can find a wide range of products such as mobile phones, laptops & tablets, books, cameras and many more products.

Responsibilities of the Interns
The internship will be segregated into 4-6 weeks (10-20 hours per week per person). Below are the details:

Week 1 (Product Research)

  • Signup and explore the POOLit App and understand its objectives, values, features, and target audience. POOLit App is available on both Play Store and App Store.
  • Go through the POOLit presentation provided to you.
  • Explore the POOLit website.
  • Test the product extensively by creating at least 2 genuine Ads on Classifieds. The team will have to submit the links of Ads created.
  • Submit a list of bugs, product drawbacks and suggestions as a team.

Week 2 (User Research)

  • Research the user needs and pain points.
  • Understand the target audience and perform competitive analysis.
  • Submit your findings from user interviews, surveys, user personas, etc
  • Decide whether you would like to redesign an existing app or add a new app to POOLit. Get it approved by the POOLit team.

Week 3 (Ideation and Wireframing)

  • Conduct user interviews, surveys, create user personas, etc.
  • Create a user flow (use software such as Miro board or Lucid chart) and present your ideas.
  • Create wireframes (use Figma) as per the research done in the previous weeks.
  • Present your wireframes.

Week 4 (High-Fidelity Designs)

  • Set UI Guidelines (i.e. font styles, color guides, design components, etc) and create high-fidelity designs of the new features.
  • Create the final prototype for the designs.
  • Present your high fidelity designs and prototype.

Week 5 (Final Submission)

  •  Incorporate the feedback received and finalize your designs.
  •  Give a final presentation for the whole process (including final designs and prototype) to the POOLit team.
  •  Submit a final report containing thorough documentation of your entire design process

To apply please enter your details here:

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