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Maria Kuriakose

Maria Kuriakose a female entrepreneur from Thrissur – Kerala India. Maria quit her corporate job in 2019 at a social enterprise in Mumbai, then launched a homegrown brand named Thenga. Thenga in Malayalam means coconuts. Maria decided to zero-in on coconuts as that was the main agricultural crop in Kerala and the state was named after coconuts. Kera means coconuts, and Kerala is the land of coconuts.

Thenga is a small start up led by women working on products made with discarded coconut shells. At the hands of artisans from across Kerala, these shells are sandpapered, varnished and transformed into designer smoothie bowls, planters, candle holders, cups and even cutlery.

In order to ensure a sustainable, near zero – waste natural product, she does not use any artificial substance in the making of these bowls. Thenga is an excellent contributor to the environment in two ways. First, it reduces waste, and second, no trees are being harmed by it in the process. Shells that would have gone into the landfills are now made up into beautiful products.

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POOLit Pod is a podcast that showcases the creative efforts of sustainable warriors that are working towards bringing ecological balance through their brand or organization. Each episode explore different aspects of speakers’ journey and their contribution towards  the sustainable environment by providing a platform to voice their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. 

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About the Host

Naseema Khan the host of POOLit Pod is a distinguished public speaker with  several years of experience in hosting talk shows, an activity she is immensely passionate about. For her the best part of anchoring is,  to venture out an altogether different side of the speaker’s professional life parallel to their sustainability goals. 

Why do you need to listen to POOLit Podcast?

To know about the environment where you live, how it is getting degraded by our (human) activities, 
and what the sustainable warriors are battling with, to protect our earthy environment for all of us.
How new & unique eco-friendly ideas can bring revolution & impact for the betterment of the environment.

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