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Ajith Sunny

Ajith Sunny – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Craste.  

India produces 500 million tonnes of crop residue every year. 16% of this is burnt and releases 150 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere

Craste works toward crop waste management by providing additional revenue to the farmers. They convert this waste to make materials for packaging and furniture applications. The selection of products manufactured by Craste are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options. Ajith  has been associated with Craste for more than a year now. 

Ajith is also the founder of GR8 sports and was an MD for his family business Ivy Hotel & Resort. His family is primarily in the real estate business and also invests in startups. 

He has done MBA in Marketing & Sales and worked with DHL global forwarding giving him exposure to logistics and sourcing.  In his spare time, he likes to do gardening and spend time with his extended family.

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POOLit Pod is a podcast that showcases the creative efforts of sustainable warriors that are working towards bringing ecological balance through their brand or organization. Each episode explore different aspects of speakers’ journey and their contribution towards  the sustainable environment by providing a platform to voice their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. 

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About the Host

Naseema Khan the host of POOLit Pod is a distinguished public speaker with  several years of experience in hosting talk shows, an activity she is immensely passionate about. For her the best part of anchoring is,  to venture out an altogether different side of the speaker’s professional life parallel to their sustainability goals. 

Why do you need to listen to POOLit Podcast?

To know about the environment where you live, how it is getting degraded by our (human) activities, 
and what the sustainable warriors are battling with, to protect our earthy environment for all of us.
How new & unique eco-friendly ideas can bring revolution & impact for the betterment of the environment.

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