Few Ways to recycle your Tech Gadgets

Our tech gadgets lifespans are short. Few Ways to recycle your Tech Gadgets . New smartphone models come out at least once a year, and it’s easy to want the latest and greatest computer, gaming console, or TV without even thinking about what happens to our used devices. Then do we ever ask ourselves what happens to the tech waste which gets collected from not just us but from everyone all over the world.

According to some research done in the past years -The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that only 40 percent of the tech waste is being recycled and the rest is being dumped into landfills. However, more manufacturers and recycling companies are now taking steps to ensure the e-waste they collect is handled responsibly.

So here are a few ways how you can contribute in recycling your old tech gadgets and preventing the tech waste from going into the landfills and polluting the earth’s natural resources-

  1. Exchange your old gadgets for the new ones, drop them off in the nearest retail stores.Home and office suppliers often have in-store recycling programs that offer cash back or trade-in options.

  1. Repurpose it. Maybe don’t get rid of it at all. Turn that old tablet into a digital photo frame or an e-reader. Use your old phone as a security camera or webcam. That ancient laptop might still work as a media center. Get creative.
  2. Resell it, there are many platforms who offer such service where you can resell your old phone, laptop, tv etc. When we don’t see a use for a certain equipment someone else is able to make the best out of it. 
  3. Trade it in. Lots of companies like Samsung and Apple have trade-in programs. You can sometimes get direct discounts on a new purchase or credit toward future purchases. It can be a little less stressful than selling it yourself, but you will likely get less for it.


One of such companies is POOLit they, Recently launched a new product called POOLit classifieds a platform where you can Give and take old gadgets, books etc online with verified professionals either from your organization or the ones who are around you.


 POOLit Classified is doing its bit in reducing E-waste. Come, be a part of this initiative by simply connecting with our verified professionals to resell or buy your second hand electronics products. 


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