Garage Sales In India To Give Away Old Products

The idea of sustainable living sounds interesting as it is about buying eco-friendly, local stuff, and reducing waste. But this system cannot function in isolation. It requires the coming together of like-minded people. 

A recent trend is that jumble or garage sales in various small areas have started where miscellaneous second-hand stuff is brought under one roof for sale. Individuals, groups and organisations, are making efforts to organise events that bring people together for a cause. 

These sales encourage people to donate, swap, buy second-hand for a cheaper rate, and even earn money by giving away stuff.

This process is no longer restricted to just books, utensils but also involves accessories, gadgets and household stuff. But during these times of Covid it has become really difficult for garage sales in India to be continued also it is a popular trend in only some states of India who are aware of the concept.

Often many items that we are not putting to use at our end goes to waste and are forgotten but with this new concept people are making sure that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We thought why not bring a solution to this issue and create a platform for users around the world to be able to conduct online garage sales, giveaways etc. 

POOLit classifieds is a hub for people from various strata of society with initiatives on living sustainably.


Benefits of POOLit classifieds is to be able to 

  1. Connect with verified professionals 
  2. Give-take second items in the community 
  3. Creating a sustainable environment with all the necessary precautions required

Connect with other verified professionals on the platform to give and take preloved goods and pay forward the gratitude to each other. One might not feel the need of an item in hand for now but the other might be in deep need for the same.

Creating a sustainable environment amongst verified professionals by sharing and giving.

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