Give & Take vs Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell, A phenomenon on which the world works. If you think about having any commodity or item , the first thing which comes to your mind is where and how am I going to buy it. It can be from a store or online free classifieds. Selling works on the same principle with added questions to whom a commodity or item should be sold keeping in mind other factors such as profit expectation and trust.

It has a common factor which drives them which is money involved. Years ago when transactions happened to be purely an exchange of items called barter system, the terms buying and selling were not used.

It was fairly on the system that you give me something and I give you something in return which used to result in a formal transaction. The system lacked freedom as a buyer and seller which is why money changed the game as it was introduced.

When buy & sell was introduced it made transactions easy yet it also took social value in helping each other. People seek price for everything and anything. Items haven’t been used in a while can be put to better use of course as there as existence of no online free classifieds.

Giveaway or just gifting the used items such as secondhand phones, secondhand laptops, secondhand cameras, used books has been underestimated. If we look at it, we all might have something or other at home which we are not putting to use and we are not doing anything about it.

Give & Take allows you to giveaway these items or ask for fixed prices on certain products to help each other as a community and if it can be done with online free classifieds with POOLit.

Benefits of Give & Take

  • It has a social value than monetary value for the community.
  •  Give & Take helps in building a community based on helping others
  • This gesture contributes to a sustainable environment & reduces E-waste in the landfills.
  • Reduce,Reuse & Recycle
  • Pay what you want according to your budget and preference

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