Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and their answers

POOLit app is a real-time carpooling platform that allows the user to find people going on the same route and to carpool with them.

Just create a request, get matched, and start pooling.

The project ‘POOLit’ has been funded by two philanthropist based out of Silicon Valley.

When you enter your organization’s email, the app checks the availability of that organization in the database. If the organization exists, the app sends a verification code to your email address.

You enter your phone number during sign-up and verify it by going to the ‘Contact Number’ option in the user profile menu. You could also change your phone number from here.

You can select ‘looking for a pool’ option when you have no vehicle of your own and is either looking for a co-pooler with a vehicle or want to share a cab with someone.

You can select ‘offering a pool’ option when you have a vehicle of your own and is looking for a co-pooler to share the ride. Also, you have a cab and want to share it with a co-pooler, you are offering-a-pool.

When you are ‘looking for a pool’, you use the ‘request’ option to request a pool with someone who has a vehicle of their own. In a case where you want to share a cab, you use the ‘share’ option.

The option ‘offer’ is used when you are ‘offering a pool’ to someone.

If you have selected ‘match me instantly’ option, all the received requests are automatically accepted.

A community is a group of users belonging to a common location. A community can be a society, an organization, a co-working place, a college, etc.

The community filter displays a list of pools that are created by the users belonging to the same community.

You can join a community at the time of sign up or by going to the ‘My Community’ option in the User Profile section.

The app creates a list of people going on the route similar to you. You can pool with anyone who has already created a pool.

No, you cannot cancel your request once it has been accepted. You may choose to not travel with the matched user and the same has to be communicated between the two users themself.

Yes, you can edit your pool. All the existing matches get deleted whenever a pool is edited.

You cannot initiate more than five requests/shares/offers for a pool. You can always delete any of the pending pool matches to initiate a new match.

POOLit is a trust-based community where we trust riders to pay an appropriate amount to the driver. The minimum amount that we suggest to pay is 50 rupees.

In the case of cab sharing, we suggest splitting the bill as per the distance.

Pool request expires after one hour of the ‘leaving at’ time.

Reviews build a reputation on the POOLit app. Your reviews will be shown to other people and that will help them make an informed decision regarding their pool.

Yes, your reviews are visible on your public profile.

No, you can’t edit or delete your reviews.

You can send an invite link to your contacts by going to the ‘Invite contacts to POOLit’ option on the user profile menu.

You are prompted to add car details while offering a pool. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘My Vehicle’ option in the user profile menu and add/edit car details.

Please note that the same car number cannot be added by more than two users.

Any verified user can send referrals to up to five people. A referral can only be sent to those whose organization is not verified by POOLit.

For a referred user, we check if the respective email address has been referred by an existing verified user, if yes then only the user is verified to use the app.

When a user deletes their account, the email address is kept on a temporary blocked state and if the user wants to use the app with the same email address again, they need to contact at

Yes, your information is safe on POOLit. We never share your personal information or any content you create.

The users’ rating is decided on the basis of the reviews that their past fellow riders have given.

You can review your fellow rider after one hour of the ‘leaving at’ time of your pool. A notification is sent to you as a reminder of the same.

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