How To Giveaway Old Items?

We all have that one item which we don’t use anymore and is just simply lying around in the house for months and years now. It could be an old phone, old laptop, used books, old tablets or camera you don’t use anymore. The lying around of these items results in an increase in E-waste in the landfills. It’s very important for a sustainable environment to put these items at proper use which can be done by giving them away. Giveaway of items is defined as giving your items to someone else without any monetary expectations. Giving away items is like gifting someone a  preloved  commodity that will bring value to someone else. Not only it brings them value but also gives you a sense of satisfaction and boost.

Benefits of Giveaway:

-Giving away items brings a social value in a community where people help each other and also connects them making new relations.

-Giving away items gives you boost and satisfaction and you feel better about yourself of helping someone else.

-Giving away items helps in reducing E-waste in Landfills

– Giving away items contributes in a sustainable way to the community for a better environment

-Giveaway helps in building Goodwill in the community

-To someone who gets the items which are given away it saves them money on budget

– Giving away items helps in motive of  RECYCLE, REUSE & REDUCE

Ways of Giving away old items :

  • DONATE ITEMS -You can donate your old items as Charity. You can simply donate to an individual you know who you might know is in need of a particular item or commodity. Donating items especially those who are in need helps them big time financially. Post Covid, People have started donating old phones to students from villages in need to help them with online classes.
  • CHARITY– You can donate items like stationary and books to organizations such as social help centers, NGOs etc.Charity is one of the most known forms of giveaway known to people, Charity in an organization helps society overall for its betterment.
  • FRIENDS & FAMILY-One can giveaway items in their social circle to friends and family, not only it helps the relationship’s bond to be stronger but also brings stronger sense of love and respect.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA-With Social Media’s reach it is  possible to reach more people. You can giveaway stuff by putting them on your social media or other such social media pages.This can also help you to get in touch with strangers who need old items.
  • THRIFT SHOPS-You can giveaway items at thrift shops nearby and someone who will need it will get it from there itself.
  • GARAGE SALES-You can conduct your own garage sales if you have a lot of items to give away. Or you can participate in garage sales around you.
  • ONLINE PLATFORMS-You can giveaway items through online platforms which are safe to use, Platforms like POOLit Classifieds help you to giveaway items to verified professionals. For more information, Download the App now.

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