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Kitchen declutter hacks

Decluttering houses is a favorite activity for people who live a minimalist lifestyle and try to maintain their spaces in an organized way. They tend to declutter the house but sometimes ignore the most important space and below Kitchen declutter hacks can help you big time.

These Kitchen declutter ideas can blow your mind!


You can start by analyzing the space that can be used for keeping the items meaning what will go where. Initial step can be to put aside the utensils that you do not use regularly by packing them separately. Use different kitchen organizing hacks such as spices that come in everyday use can be placed where they are handy and look clean. You can also divide the kitchen cabinets into different sections such as pulses, flour types, etc.


One of the best kitchen organizer ideas for decluttering the kitchen is to segregate and one thing which makes it easy is by marking the containers using different colors or using stickers. You can also use stickers on which the names can be specified. Not only will this make your life easier but it also leads to a clean and clutter-free kitchen. This is one of the easiest kitchen declutter hacks.


Decluttering the kitchen helps in making the home healthy. One must give away the less used products to colleagues or family friends who are looking for them. This would help them save money and also benefit the environment with less wastage. By letting go of the pre-loved and second-hand items, you can get more space to enjoy cooking and will reduce physical stress.


There are a number of items in the kitchen such as ladles, whiskers, eggbeaters, and spatulas which can be hung. You can hang them and reduce space in the drawers. They will be handy and also look great if displayed in a creative manner. This is one of the easiest kitchen storage hacks you will come across.


Use DIY kitchen ideas and turn their containers into magnetic jars that can store spices & herbs. This looks very interesting as home decor as well. One can avoid buying new cabinets and give a makeover to the existing storage in a customized way.

Decluttering the kitchen also helps in removing extra dust particles that collect on less-frequently used utensils and rob the space of health and wellness. You can also benefit your home and mind by redesigning the kitchen and by giving away old kitchen items. We also suggest you build bonding by giving away products not much in use to the ones who want to have them.

How to list preloved kitchen items on POOLit Classifieds?

• Sign up with an official email address or get referred by an existing user

• Upload photos of the items and select your giveaway method

• Pick the best offer that you receive, giveaway and become clutter free

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