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1. Discover

Browse our listing for items you need, or list your own items to give away. You can choose to giveaway for free, or at a price.

2. Connect

Peers can decide amongst themselves on a price and other details. The transaction and exchange is mutual, and happens outside of the platform

3. Review

POOLit enables the user to give feedback and rate the peers after a completed exchange. It focuses on mainly two factors, authenticity and communication.


Environmental values & Reduce e-waste

Landfills and oceans are filled with plastic, paper, electronic and textile waste.
A simple act of pooling resources reduces our impact on the planet.
POOLit helps you get there.

Givingaway > Selling

In the hunt for the best bid, we often refuse to sell possessions - only to continue to let them sit in dusty cupboards. Givingaway takes away the anxiety of finding ‘the best deal’

Lead a minimalistic lifestyle

POOLit takes you a step closer towards de-cluttering and reducing items from your surroundings, encouraging you to have a chaos free minimal lifestyle


Verified professionals

Only genuine, verified professionals and students – no resellers or scam artists. We authenticate our users by the organization they belong to.

Giveaway at your terms

Give pre-loved items – either for free or at a nominal price. Sometimes, monetary transactions get complicated. For those times, we recommend simply giving away!

No platform commissions​

POOLit is free and will be, forever. Our long-term vision is to help local communities cut down on their environmental footprint