Invite professionals from your organization, university to become a part of a trustworthy and safe community with POOLit. 

Why POOLit for your company

A Secure marketplace for you and your colleagues

POOLit Classifieds is like an online bulletin board for your colleagues. Use it to buy, sell or give away pre-loved items within a closed group. You can choose from options like giveaway, pay what you what or choose to keep a fixed price on the items.

Zero cost to company & employees

POOLit charges nothing, neither from the employees nor from the company. Resell or Giveaway on your own terms.

Personalized Carpooling Solution

A Carpooling solution exclusively for your company with customized features. Carpool with verified professionals. Find and give rides. Share your cabs with verified users.

What are the benefits of verified users?

Verified users help us keep our POOLit community trustworthy and safe. We only allow users to register on our platform using their professional or university-issued email address, which we verify using an OTP-based authentication.

You can sign up using your professional email id. In case you dont have a work or university email ID. Verified users on our platform can also invite friends and family using their send invite option. Only user from a verified organization can invite gmail users to the platform. Incase your organization is not verified with us wait for 24 hours and our team will get back to you.
Login flow for POOLit

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