Refer your community and earn upto ₹5000!

Introduce POOLit in your company, society, college, or co-working space and win upto ₹5000 cash prize.

Why POOLit for your community?

Reduce your commute cost dramatically

Share your travel cost with others and save more money than ever.

Grow your network within your community

Meet new people, everyday, by travelling with people only from your community.

Save time in finding a parking spot

Fewer cars at parking spot saves time and reduce the chances of road jam.

Contribute towards a clean environment

Less number of cars on the road means lesser emission of pollutants from vehicles.

Introduce PooLit in few simple steps, Earn upto ₹5000!

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About the offer:

Introduce POOLit in your community by following a few simple steps and get upto ₹5000 along with an official certificate.

How it works:

  • Fill the details below so that our team could contact you back with the offer.
  • Complete the simple steps involved in the offer that our team will inform you about.
  • That’s it! be ready to receive the prize money along with an official certificate by the company.