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 In case you dont have a work or university email ID. Verified users on our platform can also invite friends and family using their send invite option. Only user from a verified organization can invite gmail users to the platform. 
If your organization is not verified with us yet, You can still sign up and we will verify you email address within 24 hours making it accessible for you to use the application after. 

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Verified users help us keep our POOLit community trustworthy and safe. Invite professionals from your organization, university to become a part of a trustworthy and safe community with POOLit. Search your organization and sign up today.

This means no user can use our app without either

i. Being referred by a verified user, or

ii. Their workplace or university being verified by us.

Most other classifieds marketplaces have no barriers to entry and are forced to either reject ads or block hundreds of thousands of fraudulent users. Most classifieds aim to generate revenue via banner ads, while we simply want to provide a reliable platform to connect our users. We are a match making platform for our users.

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