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Why Second Hand Cameras?

From those old Reel cameras, Cameras have been one of the fastest upgrading gadgets. For different photography, we have different cameras such as DSLR, Vlogging cameras, Go-pros, web-cameras, compact cameras, instant cameras many many more. 

The use of cameras have also been increasing in recent years looking at how social media has been emerging amongst millennials. Cameras are not limited to only professionals but also used by students and people who are passionate about photography and videography as a hobby or part time.

There are inbuilt cameras in phones which today give competition to professional cameras yet professional cameras cannot be beaten in terms of photography but the only drawback they come with is price! With the necessity of gadgets like laptops and mobiles, cameras to be purchased individually costs actually a lot therefore we recommend buying Second Hand Cameras.

Where to buy used Mobile phones?

Second hand cameras are not as easily available to buy as a second hand phone. Second hand cameras can be found in special markets for cameras near you. One of the best ways to buy a second hand camera and lens is online through websites and Apps reselling electronics.  They should be bought from a platform which is trustworthy, offers realistic prices with people who genuinely transact which is what POOLit classified is! POOLit only allows verified professionals to use the App which makes it safe to use. Not only you can get your camera but also get connected to verified professionals with common interest in photography!

Benefits Of Selling- Buying second hand cameras:

1. A Sustainable Environment
2. Saving a lot of money
3. Low cost
4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
5.Diversity in Gadgets

Features of POOLit Classifieds

1. Verified Buyers- Sellers
2. Buy- Sell or Giveaway
3. No Platform Commission

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