Second hand Phones In Delhi

India is one of the largest countries in the world. According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects, the population stood at 1,352,642,280. In December 2021, India’s population crossed 1.4 billion. Delhi being the capital of India itself consist of more than a 29.6 Million people. It’s obvious that the higher the population higher the probability of hazarding the environment. One of the solutions is to switch to second hand phones in Delhi this will help to recycle and repurpose more of such used gadgets. Second hand phones in Delhi is no less than new phones. People have a tendency to discard the phones as soon as the upgraded version is out in the market. Second hand phones price in Delhi is absolutely economical that simultaneously helps to support the environment.
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For instant, mobile phones are no more luxurious items it is almost equivalent to necessities of life. 60% of cab drivers in Delhi use smartphones, which means roughly every 2 years they must discard their old gadgets and buy new ones. Imagine the E-waste created only by mobile phones via 29.6million people every year which also includes the accessories of those phones. To curb the usage of new phones and reduce the pressure on landfills. Second hand phones are the most effective option for now.

The environment is not only affected by the E-waste of mobile phones but there are different types of e-waste that have an ill effect on our environment. For eg, laptops, personal computers, electronic appliances, etc. Look around in our space and you will find many such types of equipment that after a while turns out to be E-waste. As we know the source of E-waste is now mindful usage and inculcating the habits of giving away in our routine life can curb the E-waste issues to a great extent.

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There are many other factors that are involved to deteriorate the quality of our environment. An item under-utilized, products just lying in the house then making way to the bin, buying new books frequently, discarding recycle items that can be repurposed too, buying unnecessarily more than required, etc. There is one solution to all the aforementioned problems that is POOLit. Give away your unused items for free or at a set price, instead of discarding old products increase the shelf life of it by selling on POOLit within your own local community. POOLit classifieds is an application that is designed keeping in mind to resolve the day-to-day issues that have adverse effects on the environment. Just sign up with an organizational/ university email id. Now finding second hand phones in Delhi is not an issue anymore. POOLit classifieds are here to serve all your queries about second hand phones in Delhi.
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