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Why to use Secondhand Laptops?

Over the time laptops replaced computers majorly and have been recognized as a very important gadget for mostly everyone. 

Laptops are important not only for work purposes but also for personal use, education purpose and also serves as entertainment source! The number of laptops in a single household have increased in the past few years because of the widespread use mentioned above. An easy way out to save money and from electronics to end up in landfills resell Secondhand Laptops online.

As per the stats, India’s Personal Computer market (including desktop, notebook, tablets and workstation) shipped 3.4 million units in the second quarter of 2019, a 49.2 per cent year-on-year rise.

How to reduce E-waste in India?

With government including Coding as a mandatory subject in the new education policy suggestions increasing the need of laptops for students. The need of laptops is understandable but buying a new laptop is not actually needed to fulfil its benefits, which is why we recommend buying secondhand laptops and sell laptops online.

Benefits of buying secondhand laptops :

2.Reduces E waste
3.Provides variety with less investment
4.Sustainable environment
5.Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Where to buy secondhand laptops from?

One can buy laptops and tablets from local resale shops where people resell products, electronic items or can also be specially for secondhand laptops and buy second hand tablets. They can also be bought online. There are apps and websites which allow you to resell electronic items in India. The secondhand laptops should be bought from a platform which is trustworthy, offers realistic prices with people who genuinely transact which is what POOLit classifieds is!

POOLit only allows verified professionals to use the App which makes it safe to use.

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Features of POOLit Classifieds

1. Verified Buyers- Sellers
2. Buy- Sell or Giveaway
3. No Platform Commission

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