Why selling phone online is a good idea?

Where is your last phone? Drawer? Lying in the storeroom? Or Just added to the scrap?
If your old phone is useful but not in USE! Then buckle up and get on a ride that signifies ‘Selling a phone online’ benefits.
sell phone online

There are many advantages and hidden benefits of selling phone online, it will support the seller economically and have a favourable impact on the environment. Let’s throw some light on why it is a good idea to sell a phone online after or before buying a new one:


De-cluttering your space is a therapeutic process. Clutter not only occupies the space in your house but also creates congestion in your mind. They say ‘you are what you are surrounded with’. One of the most often surrounded clutters is our electronic gadgets, to be precise our ‘used phones’. Once we buy a new phone, we don’t know what exactly can be done to old ones. Most of the time it is just lying in the house, adding to the clutter. It is not only a convenient method of getting rid of clutter but saves commuting time, efforts to look for a buyer, etc.

Make passive income:

Any kind of returns on old or unused items are worth discarding. Selling phone online is a way of making a few bucks from the used phones that you no longer use. There are many online platforms where buyers are willing to buy used phones especially when they can’t afford or not comfortable investing too much in such gadgets. It’s a winning situation for a seller who is looking for passive income and a buyer who is on the lookout for an economical phone.

Reduce emissions of harmful chemicals:

Have you ever wondered how much-discarded phones emit harmful chemicals into the environment? When used phones make their way to the bin, materials from these devices start to rot away. That releases harmful chemicals into the environment, in which we breathe, drink, and survive. There are many companies that buy old phones online, refurbish them, and re-sell them again to the customer for a better price. Therefore, selling phone online can also act as a catalyst for creating a sustainable environment.

selling online

Reduce landfill pressure:

Recycling and Reusing are the best way to increase the shelf life of any product and reduce the pressure on landfills. On average people use a cell phone, particularly for 2-3 years irrespective of the phone condition. Just imagine if all those phones accumulate and are dumped on a landfill, at an alarming rate the landfill pressure will increase and adversely impact the environment.

Make use of technology:

We are in a technological era, where anything and almost everything can be done at your fingertips. Selling phone online is one of those things, the traditional way of visiting a store to sell an old phone is very much replaced by the effective and efficient use of the online platform. It saves the time, efforts, and money to commute from one place to another. Accessibility is better, on an online selling platform display your used phones to numerous buyers at the same time. It gives you an option to negotiate the price, choose your buyer, and all that at your fingertips sitting at your comfortable space.

There are numerous platforms online that can be utilised for selling preloved items online. One of the most reliable and secured app is POOLit. It’s a social community for verified professionals, you have an option to either give away pre-owned items for free or ask for a fixed price. It can be a price that you fix or allow buyers to pay what they want. Thus, if a user decides to sell a used phone online then there are plenty of sites that can help to perform the task.