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Reading is not just a habit its an integral part of an avid reader’s life. When you consistently read over a period of time, The book collection gets piled up. There are readers who give away used books or sell used books if they get buyers or discard them as the last options.
Most of the readers end up with the latter option or sell off to the scrap dealer at peanuts.
The problem associated with discarding the used books is generating lots of wastage of paper. The causes of the explosion of paper waste are predominantly from books, magazines, and newspapers. In fact, paper is the largest category of municipal solid waste. 
All of us are aware that the ultimate source of paper is the forest. There is a direct correlation between the amount of paper used and the number of trees felled to obtain it. Although everyone talks a lot about “saving trees” and “deforestation”, most of us don’t think twice about wasting paper, especially inform of books.

The alternate option for saving books from discarding and reusing books to maximize their shelf life is selling used books online. There are many options to sell online used books in India though it demands an investment of time, anything that needs to reuse or recycle requires your time.
Selling used books online in India has enormous collections of books from every genre and umpteen sites available to serve our cravings to read from various categories. 

Sign up to ‘online books selling sites’, to make your life easier and to transfer the used books to the next reader.
This system of Selling used books online India is quite feasible, efficient, but a bit time-consuming. Some sites are commission-based, more often than not shipping takes time. You may also want to sell your collection or ‘giveaway used books’ to some other passionate reader, who is in search to receive such a bundle of gifts. You can do that on a platform called ‘POOLit’ accessible only for verified professionals.

There are umpteen positive impacts of selling/buying secondhand books to you and your surroundings. Let’s throw some light on those fundamental factors:

second hand books
  • Save Environment: The utmost importance of using secondhand books will support the environment from deteriorating. Cutting down on the consumption of new books result in less deforestation and preserving our natural resources simultaneously reduces landfill waste.
  • Economical: Buying second-hand books are not only eco-friendly but economical as well. Especially sometimes, we pay only 50% of a new book value or less for a secondhand book in India. For young readers, freelancers, low-income level avid readers, and for all those who are sustainable readers or thriving to become one buying online books is one of the best options and one can resell it again on a similar platform. Buying/selling secondhand books are a completely win-win situation for both parties and also for communities.
  • Help People: You had your fun with the books and now it’s time to pass them on to someone else. The difference is that you are not merely passing it over, but you are giving it away at a price. You will be helping people who cannot buy the book at its original price get it at a more pocket-friendly price.
  • Create Space: When you give away used books or sell old books you create space for new ones. You can utilize the space for something more useful; perhaps something that you’ll buy with the extra cash you get from selling them. Just freeing your space in itself is meditative and healthier for human existence.
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Thus, selling or buying secondhand books can colossally contribute especially in avid readers’ life to drive their path towards sustainable life, whether one is buying or selling used books online in India or performing transactions locally within their communities. The action of using secondhand books will be fruitful in the long run.