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Tips for decluttering home

Keep a focus:

Declutter deeply in small areas rather than decluttering little at a time across the whole house. A freshly cleaned space will inspire you to clean out the rest of your home. To save time and energy, designate a certain area that you will declutter thoroughly within a set amount of time. You won’t burn yourself out, and you will still be motivated to continue clearing out the rest of the house. For example, you could focus on one cupboard, and then move on to the bathroom, etc. It’s okay to start small and work your way up to bigger decluttering projects, just stay motivated!

Understand that your home is not a storage unit:

Don’t be tempted to keep items because you think you might use them one day. That old pot that you haven’t used for years? Get rid of it. Learn to let go of things that you don’t use, even if you think you might perhaps find a need for them one day. If questioning whether to let go of a certain item, simply ask yourself: would I buy this today? If the answer is no, it’s time to let go. There is simply no use in keeping hold of possessions you know that you would not purchase today. Keep things you regularly use and need.

The masking tape method:

Can’t decide what’s worth keeping in your kitchen? Set a designated length of time, such as six months to see what tools you actually use on a regular basis. Stick a piece of masking tape on everything; your pans, pots, blenders. When you use the tool, you can peel the tape off. By the end of the set period of time, get rid of anything that still has tape on it. Note: While this method is directed at the kitchen, it can be utilized for any room in the house.

It’s okay to let go of gifts:

Struggling to get rid of a gift someone gave you? Understand that the significance of any gift is the act of giving and receiving, rather than the materialistic value. There is no guilt in letting go of a gift that has no use to you anymore. You can still appreciate the love that you received with it, and the benefits of decluttering your space will outweigh the value of keeping hold of the gift. This brings us back to the earlier point that your home is not a storage unit. Do not keep hold of possessions that are of no use to you, even if they are gifts.

How do possessions make you feel?

Consider what value you gain from keeping hold of a certain item. Does it make you feel happy? Do you find yourself thinking “it’s practically brand new!” consider why. You perhaps are giving yourself unnecessary reasons to hold on to the item, despite it being of no practical use to you. A tempting justification of “Just in case” is a phrase used to keep these things we don’t need, but must you keep yourself surrounded by unused objects for the sake of emotional response? Learn to let go of untreasured possessions in the home.

We’ve outlined that decluttering can seem like an immense task, and that is why the biggest step to achieve it is simply getting started! To help you begin your decluttering journey use apps like POOLit to provide you with the reassurance that your belongings will end up in a good place, where they are being used effectively. Our platform allows you to interact with a community of like-minded professionals to give away and discover items. Additionally, find other apps listed below which will help you organize and declutter the home. A cluttered house can easily become a cluttered mind, and in a post-covid world, it is especially important to protect our home surroundings and our mental health. Transition your house into a home by reducing anxiety and stress when parting from materialistic possessions. Begin to adopt a minimalist mindset and notice how your home life will improve once you have decluttered the house.

Here are some apps you might wanna try out to help you get into decluttering:

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