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Being minimalist is about avoiding unnecessary, it is the key to a clutter-free life. Minimalism is about making a conscious effort of choosing to live with less. In an effort to simplify your life. you don’t have to adhere to the zero-waste concept but you can start small. Start with an effort to declutter your home. 

Minimalism is all about how to downsize and enjoy less is more  Each individual has their own way to adapt the minimalist lifestyle but where to start decluttering is a dilemma for many so : 

Ideas to organize books

 Let’s start with organizing books, alphabetically or genre-wise. While organizing the books The used and read books can be separated and can be passed on. It’s common not to understand what to do with old books so you can either put your secondhand books for sale or you can giveaway books online. As an active user adapting the idea of getting used books online rather than buying new ones.

Declutter wardrobe

 It’s time to take out those clothes you don’t wear anymore, If you didn’t wear them for 2 years, probably you won’t wear them anymore. There are many ways to declutter clothes. Choosing to live with less is a decision you make to lead a more sustainable life. Clothes, more than required will be just occupying space, and also buying thrift clothes is a new trend. Organize a give and take with friends and family and exchange your clothes. Simplify your life and live in a clutter free home.

 Declutter your desktop and workspace

 Being minimalist means leading a organizes your routine as well. You can start as little as decluttering your workspace. The electronics which we don’t use most of the time, your drive and workspace with piles of pages you don’t need anymore. Resell or giveaway your pre-loved gadgets. Clean that desktop of yours and get rid of the files you’ve never opened or are of no use. It is interesting to know that even 

Inculcate more DIY’s

Home Decor is very expensive these days and also generates a lot of waste in the environment. The zero waste concept is all using what you already have and reuse and repurpose them. The trends nowadays for home decor focus on keeping it minimal so let’s  follow it!

Declutter kitchen

 decluttered kitchen is as important as a clutter free home. A clean kitchen equals a clean gut and we are getting to know the importance of our gut. Minimalistic living encourages you to declutter home. No kitchen space is enough, what about that old toaster or old set of glasses that are only resting on the shelf? Let’s take them out and giveaway them and lead a clutter-free life.

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