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Tips to Recycle & Reduce waste

Recyclinghas become an integral part of our daily lives. People around the world are finding innovative ways to recycle at homeTips to recycle & reduce waste at homeIn today’s time, it’s the need of the hour. From individuals to businesses, industries to countries, everyone is trying to make efforts towards recycling. Recycling is an aid to reducing waste generation but what’s better than recycling is preventing or reducing waste generation because recycling being an essential element in the 3R’s, it’s also important we follow reducing and reusing as well to simplify your life and help the environment by adopting the sustainable living. 

Here are few tips for recycling and reducing waste :

  • Recycle E-waste

What is e-waste recycling? E-waste is short for electronic waste, recycling e-waste is becoming crucial in today’s era, because of the increased amounts of trash is being generated from e-waste and why recycling them becomes important is because these electronics often contain toxic chemicals and hazardous materials and wrongly disposal of these electronics properly can cause the releases of toxic substances into our environment.

  • Composting 

Composting kitchen waste is a great way to reduce your food waste and your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Composting of kitchen waste is simply decayed organic matter. When you compost kitchen waste you are helping in reducing waste generation in the landfills It also helps in getting manure.

  • Buy second-hand items

A good way to recycle is by reducing buying new items to be promoted by buying second-hand items. By buying second-hand items you are breaking the cycle of buying new things and when you buy secondhand, there is a break in the cycle of new products and hence lesser production of raw materials which is always good for the environment. It’s beneficial for an individual as well since you save money.

  • Indulge in DIY’S 

Before sending your trash to the bin why not try to recycle at home. You could indulge in DIYs and reuse that plastic bottle to create planters, reuse old clothes and create rags out of them. The list is endless for ways to reduce reuse recycle at home.

  • Adapt reusable alternatives

Recycling single-use plastic is very difficult and not always everything is being recycled. Hence it’s always a better idea to use reusable alternatives. We need to understand the importance of reducing waste, as less waste produced is less waste to recycle. Hence swap that plastic bottle with a steel one, ditch the plastic straw, and go for a reusable one. Our aim should be to eliminate single-use plastic and simplify your life.

  • Go paperless

Preventing or reducing waste generation is always better than recycling. We all know digital is the future. So being going paperless and using electronic management systems helps cut down on deforestation and pollution, leaving more trees to do the dirty work of absorbing carbon dioxide (and slowing down global climate change).

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