Tips when moving house!


Decluttering before your move is the best way to stay organized and reduce stress. This can save you money when it comes to moving your possessions and reduces waste along the way as you will require less packing equipment. Set a designated amount of time to organize what you want and what you do not. If you’re struggling with this step, a good guide is not to take any items which you have not used in 2-3 years. You most likely will not use them at all! Recycle- Repurpose, donate or sell anything you no longer want. POOLit is a great method to get rid of your items in this situation.

Recycle packing supplies/boxes 

When you have completed your move make sure to recycle any packing supplies you used. This means ensuring that you search for recyclable packing supplies before your move. Another alternative to recycling your boxes is giving them to a neighbor, friend, relative, or someone else you know who might be moving in the near future. This ensures your packing supplies see more than one use! Use things around the house that you already own as packing boxes rather than buying them new (suitcases, bags, etc )

Use things that can double up as packing supplies! Rather than buying new boxes, why not try using your suitcase? Or using bags you have around the house? Instead of buying bubble wrap for fragile and delicate items, use towels, blankets, and bedsheets to wrap them up.

Ask around!

Another way to reduce waste is to find boxes that people might have otherwise thrown out. Why not ask a local shop for old boxes they are looking to throw away? This saves you buying brand new boxes and the boxes from the shop get more use. 

Make your own household cleaning products

Moving house requires a lot of cleaning. A perfect way to save money, use less chemicals and reduce waste is to make your own household cleaning products, rather than buying them. A simple example of this is to mix one part vinegar to one part of water. But there are various methods to making your own household cleaning products on the internet. 

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