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Why secondhand mobile phones?

One cannot think without mobile phones today, Mobile phones are today’s necessity. In the sphere of work, social circle, entertainment and now education being online, mobile phones are increasingly giving more and more reasons for their use.

Our mornings start with alarms on the phone and nights end with setting up one on the phone. World has become a smaller place after phones introduced video calling. 

Apart from communication, phones also provide multiple utilities such as torch, a recording device, data storage, calculator, calendar, camera, and many other utility features.

According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, India’s smartphone market shipped a record 46.6 million units in the third quarter of 2019, with 26.5% quarter-over-quarter.

Professionals these days due to above mentioned multiple use of phones tend to keep multiple phones which is one of the reasons we recommend you to Buy used phones.

Benefits Of Selling- Buying used Mobile Phones

1. A Sustainable Environment
2. Saving a lot of money
3. Green earth.
4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Where to buy used Mobile phones?

Used phones can be bought in resale shops around your locality. Usually shops selling phones have the option to sell and buy second hand or used phones. There are online platforms where you can buy and sell used phones near you. The secondhand phones should be bought from a platform which is trustworthy, offers realistic prices with people who genuinely transact which is what POOLit classified is! POOLit only allows verified professionals to use the App which makes it safe to use. 

Features of POOLit Classifieds

1. Verified Buyers- Sellers
2. Buy- Sell or Giveaway
3. No Platform Commission

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