Used Books

Why Use Used Books/ Secondhand Books?

Do you have a great love for books and you can’t help buying a new book all the time?

We all have found love for reading here and there and as someone once said books are the perfect reservoir of knowledge and growth.

Estimated at over $2 billion, the books industry in India is growing at about 20%. Of the total industry, more than 10% makes for secondhand books online (India), estimates suggest.

If you are a bibliophile, there are nearly 10,000 problems that you deal with, one of which is going broke every now and then because you have spent a little too much on your beloved books. An easy solution could be to resell used books online and reduce the number of trees and books being wasted per year.

Benefits Of Selling Old Books Online

1. A Sustainable Environment
2. Saving paper/ Trees
3. Connect with other book heads
4. Reduce paper waste/ Green earth.
5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

How can you Buy-Sell secondhand books online?

There are so many ways to sell your second hand / used books online. There are small shops who have dedicated whatsapp groups/ telegram groups for Reselling books and books for sale near me. Some NGO’s have dedicated their channel for the soul purpose of providing and reusing not just books but much more. Along with these there are some apps and websites which allow you to resell books in India. POOLit classifieds is a platform where you can Buy, sell or give away unused possessions. Verified users mean no scammers, no resellers, and more realistic prices.

How POOLit can benefit you?

1. Verified Buyers- Sellers
2. Buy- Sell or Giveaway
3. No Platform Commission

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