What to do with Used Books?

Books form an integral part of our lives. 

If you are a student and are a reader, you will be surrounded by books all your life. Used Academic / Course Books are mostly not needed once the courses finish and eat the dust lying on shelves or inside the cupboard. 

There are many types of readers.

i) The one who prefers to keep the books after  reading for collection.

ii) The one who would not buy a book but borrow it , read it and give it back. 

iii) Then there are readers who prefer to read on the phone or tablet or buy a kindle. 

While you may fall in one of the above categories but putting books to a more practical use may have become challenging for you once you are done reading!  


Reading a book can definitely take you to a different world. A world is full of possibilities and the unknown. Book lovers know the excitement of reading a new book and being ready to transport into the author’s world. But you also know the consequences of book hoarding and how it burns a hole in the pocket. This is where an online book exchange comes into the picture. Online Book exchange is a sustainable way to help you explore different genres of books and improve the culture of reading. You can send a used book to a stranger and connect with a fellow reader and you can get one in return. It is an interesting and exciting way of getting a second-hand book from a stranger. It can be seen as an exchange of culture and ideas.  What an experience it can be to learn from someone else’s choices. It is much more than getting a book and giving it away, it’s connecting with like-minded people around you. 

You can send a piece of yourself without any judgment. From mothers to students to techies, anyone can be a part of an online book exchange. It is a good way to reuse old books. Book exchanges are also good for the environment. If you’re someone who believes in sustainability and wants to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, book swapping is definitely one of the ways to go. According to Greenpeace, one Canadian Spruce tree can produce 24 books. This means even if you only exchange a few books you’re saving the environment. Participating in an online book exchange also saves ink. It’s better for our planet to recycle reuse reduce 

There are a few things you should keep in mind while participating in an online book exchange

  • Please make sure that your book is clean, sanitized, and in good condition. It’s always lovely to get a free second-hand book but please keep in mind to send a clean book as it is respectful to the receiver.
  • Make sure the books to giveaway are your own and not from the library or friends. You’ll be missing the main essence of the book exchange. You could also add a personalized note to give it a personal feel. It’s almost like having a pen pal. 
  • Avoid sending it to places where your book can be affected or damaged by the weather. Keep in mind to pack it properly and neatly. 
  • Don’t send inappropriate material as the second-hand book you are sending can be also found by a child. So keep in mind to send a book that can be loved by all. 
  • Don’t put yourself or the finder of the book at any kind of risk during the book exchange. Keep in mind the safety of the finder.                      
  •  Exchange books of the genre the other reader is interested in so that both the parties actually enjoy having the books

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