What to do with Used Books?

Books form an integral part of our lives. 

If you are a student and are a reader, you will be surrounded by books all your life. Used Academic / Course Books are mostly not needed once the courses finish and eat the dust lying on shelves or inside the cupboard. 

There are many types of readers.

i) The one who prefers to keep the books after  reading for collection.

ii) The one who would not buy a book but borrow it , read it and give it back. 

iii) Then there are readers who prefer to read on the phone or tablet or buy a kindle. 

While you may fall in one of the above categories but putting books to a more practical use may have become challenging for you once you are done reading!  

We are sharing some of our recommendations below on what to do about your used / read books. 

  1. Selling Used Books : Old books can be sold for decent prices. Not only it will help you to earn something out of the used books but also the buyer will use them and you help them save money. Old books can be sold in thrift shops, bookstores and online platforms to sell secondhand books.

  1. Donating Used Books : You will always find someone who will be in need of books, especially the textbooks and books required by school students. Donating books to a local charity, other students near your location, a local library or an NGO are some of your options.  If the books are more in number, they can also be donated to local slum schools. 

  1. Giveaway Used books : Giveaway your old books to someone who is interested in the books of the same genres. You can also giveaway books by meeting like-minded professionals or students on POOLit classifieds. Your books will be enjoyed by someone else with the same enthusiasm as you must have felt while reading them.

  1. Exchange Used Books : You can exchange books of the same interests via meeting new people online or via Apps which connect like-minded people. Take your book reading experience to the next level by reading a variety of books with no extra investment.

  1. Recycle your Books : You can recycle books by various methods available all over the internet. (https://earth911.com/recycling-guide/how-to-recycle-books-magazines/)

A quick recap of the advantages of buying used books :

  • Secondhand books are cheap
  • Offers variety to the reader
  • Saves Money
  • Good for environment
  • Contributes in RECYCLE, REUSE & REDUCE
  • Make connections with other readers

Did you know that you can now put up your used books for exchange or sale or donation on POOLit Classifieds?

Read How To Do That Here  

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