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What to do with Used Phones?

Did you know that less than 20 percent of unwanted cell phones are recycled each year! How many used phones do you have lying around? Have you considered making use out of them? Instead of throwing it away and sending it to landfills, a good choice is to sell your used phone for cash. There are several methods of doing so and this blog will help to give you a better understanding of your options on how to sell your used phone online.


The old phone market is very popular, especially online. Research the market, look at similar phones being sold online. Find out your approximate used phone valuation so you know the best price point for it. You don’t want to undersell it and not get your money’s worth, but you also don’t want to oversell it and not receive any offers. Look at what is already on the old phone market to find a rough estimate of how much your phone is realistically worth. For example, selling used phones on eBay is a popular method of getting cash whilst avoiding E-waste, so research how much your particular phone model is being sold for on these platforms.

Be honest

You should always be honest when selling your used phone. When advertising it on the old phone market do not lie about the old phone’s condition, or other details. Let potential buyers know of any faults with the product, as this is likely to gain their trust, and therefore develop a relationship meaning they will be inclined to buy the phone from you, rather than someone else. By describing the old phone’s condition, the buyer will not be disappointed when they receive the device, meaning you won’t face any repercussions later down the line. The old phone market is very popular, so you do not want to be ruled out by buyers for being disingenuous.

Sell to the original company

Another option to avoid your phone going to landfill is to sell it back to the original company. For example, Apple has a scheme where you can hand in your old phone and receive a discount on a new one. Apple will resell the old phone or responsibly recycle it, meaning you get a new cheaper phone, and avoid your old phone going to landfill. This method might be advantageous if you do not want to go through the hassle of selling your phone online yourself. However, be aware that this method does not give you the same freedom if you were to sell your used phone online, as Apple will only give you the discount that they decide. Whereas if you were to sell independently, such as on used phone selling sites, you can set your own price and negotiate with potential buyers. Therefore, the old phone market has more freedom, whereas selling to the original company might be quicker.

Use POOLit

POOLit allows you to sell used phones online in a community of working professionals and students. You can choose a price or give it away for free by adding a photo and a few details and then talking to potential buyers on the app. If you want to sell your old phone for cash, it is important that you follow the above point and research the market to make sure you are selling for a suitable price.

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