Why Giving Away Is Better Than Reselling

With time life keeps on changing, we are moving out to new places,  looking out for things to buy.

We are always after what’s in trend to keep up with our lifestyle. We live in a fast world. We thrive on buying new things nowadays but amidst all this, we forget to de-clutter.

 We fill our homes up to the brim, we might have things that haven’t been used for years but we’ll still have them. We’ll eventually think of moving into new places or buying a storage unit but have you ever thought of giving away your pre-owned items in a way that benefits others also

You could give away your pre-owned items to people in need, donate them, giveaway your belongings to someone who might use them through giveaway websites. Many social start-ups in India are  taking a step towards sustainability and minimalism. You could also organize a give-and-take between your friends.

But despite all this, you would think why not resell.

Well, you could but because firstly it will take a huge amount of effort and it is a very burdensome process.

Secondly donating your previously owned possessions provides benefits to others.

You will be giving away your pre-owned items to people in need or who will actually use them

Giving away your second-hand items has many benefits:

  • You will create calming space

Clutter equals chaos. Decluttering your home won’t only give you calm but you’ll also get some breathing space in your home.

  • You can help others

Donating or giving away  your pre-owned items can make another person in need happy. You may own a few bucks by reselling your second-hand items but giving away to someone in need can make the person beyond joyful.

  • It helps us reduce our carbon footprint

Giving away pre-owned items ensures that all the water and energy that can be used in the creation of new products will not simply go to waste. The longer second hand items  are in circulation the fewer products will be produced and discarded in landfills.

  • Circulation economy helps us in a brighter future 

By giving away previously owned items you are essentially breaking the vicious cycle of production and discarding them into the landfills. The circular economy is where things are manufactured, used for as long as possible, and then recycled. 

It helps us build a sustainable environment where things don’t go to waste easily and everything is used to its maximum potential.

  • It will make you feel righteous

When you do things for others,   something good happens to you too. Giving away will make you feel good as you will be doing something worthy for another person. 

You are decluttering and helping others at the same time.

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