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4 Tips to make your Ramadan Sustainable!

The holy month of Ramadan commenced awakening our spiritual and religious inclination to do righteous acts. This month is a reflection on inner cleansing of our mind, body, and soul. Why not take this auspicious occasion to bring some changes in our lifestyle and make it more sustainable?

These are some ways to make Ramadan sustainable and contribute our bit to protect resources:

1) Cook only if it will be consumed: Cooking more than required has become the norm of almost every household. While fasting our mind keeps contemplating on the food varieties that our heart desires as if we will consume all items. The sad fact is that many food items put on the dining table eventually gets thrown in the bin. According to EcoMena, around one-fifth of the food purchased or prepared during Ramadan gets wasted. This Ramadan let us take a small step to make a conscious and practical decision to cook as per the consumption requirement.

2) Give Away / Declutter: Ramadan is the month of charity; a percent of our surplus savings must be donated to the needy. Why not apply the same concept to items in our homes? Every house has some items that are just lying in a corner somewhere, unused for years. They have sentimental and emotional value hence one finds it difficult to part with them. But have you wondered how much more joy will it bring to us if our unused items can be of some use to someone else?

On POOLit, a FREE platform we can ‘give away’ or ‘sell’ the unused items to verified professionals and students. POOLit is a community of like-minded people on a mission to protect and preserve the environment by upcycling and carpooling. Simply download the app on your iPhone or an Android phone.

3) Gadget Free: Gadgets are an integral part of our lives as technology has made our lives simpler than before. However, millions of tonnes of e-waste is fast becoming a global issue. Have you imagined where all the tonnes of gadgets go once we buy the new ones? Landfills!! Phone shopping is mostly impulsive buying to stay in the trend but we do not know what to do with the old phone. POOLit has a solution for your unused phones! Gift or sell your gadgets on POOLit Classifieds and do your bit in saving the environment as well as bringing a smile to someone!

4) Be Kind and Helpful: This is the time to embody the core values of Ramadan i.e. self-control, kindness, and conflict resolution. Our simple acts of kindness can spread love in these trying times. For instance, if going alone in a privately owned vehicle or a cab, check around for professionals going to the same destination on POOLit and offer a ride to those in need. This will not only support the person but also contribute to the environment.

This Ramadan let us slowly and steadily inculcate these simple practices in our lifestyle. According to Islamic belief, human beings have a responsibility of guardianship for the planet earth. We are doing our bit with POOLit! Are you?

Ramadan Kareem!

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