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A podcast featuring individuals striving to promote sustainability

A unique platform for world's sustainable warriors contributing through their products and services.

Featured Episodes

POOLit Pod - Ep. 1 - Daniel Hartz

May 31, 2021

15 min

Also available on:

POOLit Pod - Ep. 4 - Maria Kuriakose

August 4, 2021

15 min

Also available on:

POOLit Pod - Ep. 6 - Madhur Sharma

August 21, 2021

15 min

Also available on:

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POOLit Pod is a podcast that showcases the creative efforts of sustainable warriors who are working towards ecological balance through their brand or organization. Each episode explores different aspects of the speakers’ journey and their contribution towards a sustainable environment by providing a platform to voice their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments.

Why do you need to listen to the POOLit Podcast?

  • ​To know your environment, where you live!

  • How our (human) activities are causing it to degrade! 

  • What environmentally sustainable warriors are battling for!

  • Why should we protect our earthy environment? 

  • How innovative eco-friendly ideas and their execution can bring about a revolution in improving our environment!

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Naseema Khan, the host of POOLit Pod, is a distinguished public speaker with several years of experience hosting talk shows, an activity she is immensely passionate about. For her, the best part of anchoring is to venture out into an altogether different side of the speaker’s professional life parallel to their sustainability goals.

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