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General Questions

How is POOLit Classifieds different from other marketplaces such as OLX, Quikr etc.?

POOLit users are exclusively verified professionals and students, or their referrals. This means no user can use our app without either i. Being referred by a verified user, or ii. Their workplace or university being verified by us. Most other classifieds marketplaces have no barriers to entry and are forced to either reject ads or block hundreds of thousands of fraudulent users. Most classifieds aim to generate revenue via banner ads, while we simply want to provide a reliable platform to connect our users. Our early beta testers refer to us a ‘Giveaway’ Classifieds. This means although we allow people to ask for a price for the stuff they sell, we are primarily a giveaway platform.

What are the benefits of verified users? How does POOLit verify it's users?

Verified users help us keep our POOLit community trustworthy and safe. We only allow users to register on our platform using their professional or university-issued email address, which we verify using an OTP-based authentication. Our team performs due diligence on each company/university added to our database of verified organisations. Verified users on our platform can also invite friends and family using their unique referral link.

COVID guidelines/advisory

Your Safety - Wear a mask and gloves whenever handling items for resale. Sanitize items whenever possible with sanitizing sprays and wipes. - Please follow local and state lockdown guidelines while meeting with sellers or buyers. - Do not enter any COVID-19 hotspots. - If you have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient recently or have any symptoms yourself, do not meet any potential buyers or seller. Shipping - While we encourage our buyers and sellers to transact locally, we understand that shipping items is safer during this time. If you are buying or selling an item via courier service, please ensure your seller has followed best practices to wrap and package fragile or breakable items. POOLit will not be liable for any damage caused in-transit. Products - POOLit condemns sale or purchase of any pseudo-scientific cures and medicines for diseases or ailments on its platform. - Do not buy or sell items such as used masks, gloves, beauty products etc.

How to get an Invite to POOLit?

You can only receive an invite to POOLit from a verified POOLit user. We’ve verified over 2500+ organizations and universities, and anyone who belongs to these communities can refer their friends and family. To get an invite, ask friends or family working at our POOLit-verified organizations to sign up and send you an invite!

How to invite a friend?

On the POOLit app, go to Profile (top-right) > Send Invite. Enter your friend’s email and they will receive a link through which they can sign up on the app. You can also view all invites you’ve previously sent.

What happens if I delete my account?

When you delete your account, your email address is kept in a temporarily blocked state. If you want to use the app with the same email address again, you can contact

Part I
Can I pay through the POOLit app?

No, we do not facilitate monetary transactions through our app. POOLit is primarily a giveaway platform, i.e. no money involved. However, if someone chooses to give their items for a fixed price, after mutually agreeing upon a price, both parties transact outside of the app.

If your product is being shipped to you, always request proof of shipment from the seller e.g. a tracking receipt. Immediately let the seller know your product hasn’t arrived, and reach out to the delivery service to receive an update on the package. We generally encourage our users to refrain from shipping items and instead, meet and transact locally. To be able to hold and examine products with your own hands makes for a much better purchasing experience for our buyers! 🙂 It also means a lower risk of in-transit damage or loss.

No. POOLit Classifieds is simply a platform connecting people who want to give or get pre-used items, usually for free. We advise our patrons to connect with locals so they can sufficiently vet products before giving, taking or purchasing through in-person physical inspections wherever possible.

How can I verify if the listed price for a product is fair? Should I offer the list price, or go higher or lower?

For pre-used items that are commonly sold online, we suggest perusingedes classifieds websites or recommerce platforms such as Cashify to gather information about current resale values. Offering 5-10% over the prices on such platforms is a good strategy in our opinion.

Can I cancel an offer?

This feature is coming soon in our next launch! If you want to retract your offer, please communicate this directly with the product owner, or reach out to us at

Can I return or get a refund for a product?

No, POOLit cannot facilitate returns or refunds for any product you have purchased. POOLit Classifieds is simply a platform connecting verified users and all transactions occur outside of the platform.

We generally encourage our users to refrain from shipping items and instead, keep them local. To be able to hold and examine products with your own hands makes for a much better experience for our patrons. It also means a lower risk of in-transit damage or loss.

For such items, we suggest asking for an invoice or receipt wherever possible. We advocate local, in-person meetings so you can examine the product, ask questions and check for damage or defects.

Part II
How much does POOLit charge to sell on its platform?

POOLit does not charge any commission to use its platform.

Someone promised to take my product but backed out at the last minute. Can I re-list my product?

If you have marked a product as given but the arrangement fell through, please reach out to us at and we will re-list your product.

How will I get paid for items I’ve given at a fixed price?

Our customary advice is to keep it simple – give away stuff you no longer need, meet in-person locally. If you decide to ask for a price, it is considered good practice to allow buyers to examine the product/s and only then accept a payment via a mutually agreed-upon method (cash or virtual).

Should I give away or sell?

Giving away, or freecycling, can be liberating in many ways. It comes with little to no expectations or strings attached. We recommend you give it a try! If you wish to charge a price, we suggest perusing classifieds websites or recommerce platforms such as Cashify to know the generally accepted, current resale price of your items. Listing and selling your items 5-10% over the prices on such platforms is a good strategy, in our opinion.

I shipped an item but it hasn’t been received. What can I do?

Track your package via the tracking number provided by your delivery service, and request the original product owner to do the same. If the delivery status is ambiguous, reach out to the delivery service and look into their options for grievance redressal. We generally encourage our users to refrain from shipping items and instead giveaway products locally. This makes for a better experience and lowers the risk of in-transit damage or loss.

Do I need to offer returns or refunds?

Anyone giving away or selling on POOLit Classifieds are not required to provide guarantees, refunds or returns. Services mutually agreed upon between both parties shall remain outside the purview of our platform. We simply provide a tech platform connecting verified users and all exchanges and transactions occur outside of the platform.

I never received payment for items I sold, what can I do?

Contact your buyer to inquire about the status of your payment. In case you do not receive a response, unfortunately, POOLit as a platform cannot provide recourse to you to recover your payment or product. We generally advise our sellers to find local buyers with whom they can meet in-person and receive payment on the spot. If this is not possible, we suggest receiving upto half the payment in advance and the rest upon delivery.

How should I deliver items? Is a courier service advisable?

We generally encourage our users to refrain from shipping items and instead, keep it local. This makes for a better experience and lowers the risk of in-transit damage or loss.

How many pools can I request/share/offer at a time?

You cannot initiate more than five requests/shares/offers for a pool. You can always delete any of the pending pool matches to initiate a new match.

If you have selected the ‘match me instantly’ option, all the received requests are automatically accepted.

No, you cannot cancel your request once it has been accepted. If you choose to not travel with the user you’re matched with, you can let them know personally.

Pool requests expire after one hour of the ‘leaving at’ time.

You can select ‘looking for a pool’ option when you have no vehicle of your own and are either looking for a co-pooler with a vehicle or want to share a cab with someone.

What is a ‘community’? How does the community filter work?

A community is a group of users belonging to a common location. A community can be a residential society, an organization, a co-working place, a college etc. The community filter displays a list of pools created by the users of the same community.

How do I decide what to pay my fellow rider?

POOLit Carpool is a trust-based community where we rely on our riders to pay an appropriate amount to the driver. The minimum amount that we suggest to pay is 50 rupees. In the case of cab sharing, we suggest splitting the bill as per the distance.

You will be asked to add your car’s details while offering a pool. You can also go to User Profile > My vehicle to add/edit car details. Please note that the same car number cannot be added by more than two users.

Yes, your information is safe on POOLit. We never share your personal information or any content you create.

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