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POOLit - Market Research and Community Building Mini-Internship (Live Project)

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POOLit is the #1 social community for verified professionals to give & take pre-loved items for reducing the number of products ending up in landfills. It also facilitates carpooling to reduce the number of cars on the road.

It is available in all the major cities of the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Kuwait and India. POOLit has many unique features which make this app very different from other carpooling and classifieds apps.

POOLit classifieds is a platform to give and take pre-owned items/products with other verified professionals on the platform to create a sustainable environment. We provide our users with a safe and trustworthy experience as only verified professionals (with a valid email organization address) can use the app in order to interact with other professionals. Users can find a wide range of products such as mobile phones, laptops & tablets, books, cameras and many more products.

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About the internship

  • POOLit Mini Internship is an opportunity for professionals and undergrad/postgrad/MBA students to get hands-on experience in marketing. You may choose to work individually or in a team.

  • The project duration is 4 to 8 weeks and requires a commitment of 10-20 hours per person per week. 

  • The project can be done remotely with the guidance of the POOLit Marketing team on Zoom and Google Meet. You are, however, welcome to contact us via email or WhatsApp as often as you wish while you are working on this internship.

  • At successful completion, you will get a certificate. (for some people, it may be signed by the CEO based on their performance)

  • Send your resume to with the subject “Application for Mini Internship” to apply for the internship.

Responsibilities of the Interns

The internship will be segregated into 4 weeks and will focus only on the POOLit Classifieds section. Below are the details:

Week 1 (Research)

  • Download and explore the product (POOLit App) to get an idea about its objectives, values, application features, and target audience.
    POOLit App is available on both Play Store and App store.

  • Go through the POOLit presentation provided to you.

  • Explore the POOLit website.

  • Extensive testing of the product by creating at least 2 genuine Ads on classifieds by the team members. The team will have to submit the screenshots of Ads created.

  • Create a Bug List regarding the testing drawbacks and suggestions you may have as a team.

  • One or two users from the team will do real-time testing on the app by recording their experience while going through the screens. (Audio version).

  • Prepare a brief document of your Week 1 tasks along with SWOT & competitive analysis and share it with the POOLit team.


Week 2 (User Acquisition)

  • Invite users and encourage them to post 2 genuine ads on the classifieds platform (two or more items from different categories).

  • Invite/Get in touch with professionals (colleagues, friends, family, etc) to use the App. Act as an influencer and pitch the product to professionals or other students. Encourage them to use the app and create a few genuine ads on the platform. Submit the list of users you were able to get on the platform and screenshots of the ads made by them.

  • Interview at least 30-40 users and analyze the demand for the product in the market, their opinions on community-based platform, and its focus on sustainability.

  • Create a detailed report of your observations from a user’s point of view regarding the product, its drawbacks and suggestions.

Week 3 (Marketing the Product)

  • Come up with a “Social Media Marketing Strategy” to get at least 80 followers to the social media platforms (such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and users from organizations you contacted (2 organizations, 5 users each from the same org) on the platform to create awareness about the app. The team will have to submit the screenshots of social media awareness tools (Social Media stories, Reels, Posts, Direct messages) as well.

  • Tag POOLit in your personal stories while sharing about the same through social media (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook pages).

  • You have the creative freedom to tell us how you want to market the POOLit Classifieds feature of the app. You pick your own marketing goals and create your own marketing mix (by using various elements of marketing) to achieve those goals. You have to provide the results within one week though.

  • Prepare a brief document of your Week 3 tasks and share it with the POOLit team.

Week 4  (Selling to stakeholders)

  • Continue implementing your marketing strategy and share the results achieved over four weeks

  • Create a video/presentation of at least 5 minutes. Assume that you have to sell the product to a stakeholder (say an HR person or a college head), talk about the features of the product, unique value proposition and how it contributes towards sustainability

  • Rate & Review POOLit on App Store or Play Store.

  • Prepare a final report according to the format given below:
    -About POOLit
    -Competitive analysis
    -SWOT analysis
    -Insights from users
    -A complete marketing mix.
    -New features and existing drawbacks (along with their possible solutions)

Check out the POOLit app

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