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Benefits of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ?

Each year unknowingly we generate millions of tons of waste. There are many organizations that are making recycling easy in India. We all need to drastically improve our consumption habits and take quick action in reducing waste generation. Each of us can make conscious efforts to recycle, reuse reduce. We can take deliberate endeavors in living a zero-waste lifestyle. We have to start preventing waste generation because it’s the need of the hour and has become a necessity in today’s time.

Here are some tips to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and aid you in your journey of recycling reuse reduction.

  • Recycling

There are ample environmental benefits of recycling if that helps you give a head start in starting recycling. From paper to aluminum foil you use at home, all our e-waste to every bottle you empty, it’s all recyclable. You can recycle paper easily at home. There are many benefits of recycling e-waste; not only does it protect the environment, but it also reduces business costs. You can recycle your old phones and even donate old phones locally.

  • Reuse

Now you must think about why reuse is important as well it’s the first step to reduce. You can impulsively contribute to reducing waste generation just by reusing whatever you already have. Instead of new books you can reuse old books, you can carry a cloth bag instead of asking for a plastic bag, carry your own cutlery instead of using one-time use, you can reuse old jars and containers and undertake DIY projects with whatever you have at home.

  • Reduce

Reducing waste generation is imperative in order to lead a sustainable life. Think twice before buying anything new. We need to realize the importance of reducing waste and how does reduce waste help the environment. We can reuse household items, reduce our buying and try to buy second-hand. By taking these conscious efforts we can help bring a change in the environment.

  • Zero waste concept

What is the zero-waste lifestyle? living a zero-waste lifestyle is a change you make keeping in mind the 3 R’s. The zero-waste movement is aimed towards sending no trash to landfills. Everyone should follow the zero waste movement as it aims for the better of the environment.

  • Composting

Did you know 25% of items in your trash could be removed from the waste stream by just composting it. Your fruits vegetable scraps, eggshells leaves can all be composted. Click here to know how to compost vegetable scrap at home. You can compost for plants at home, you’ll save on fertilizers and the organic matter will also act as a sponge to absorb more water, meaning you might not need to water your plants as much, saving you money and time and the environment too!

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