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How to get started with carpooling in Hyderabad?

Did you know that on average, Indian residents lose 243 hours (more than 10 days) every year on the roads due to traffic? Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru are three of the twelve most congested cities in the world! According to NITI Aayog et al.(2018), India runs at a monetary loss of approximately INR 1470 billion per year due to congestion in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. 

Being the IT hub and business sector with shopping malls, education institutions, etc. the average traffic congestion index for Hyderabad is 32.5, which is higher. The traffic in Hyderabad is rapidly increasing because of population growth and the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas, leading to the growth of vehicle ownership and usage. Definitely, this may represent economic prosperity, but what about its accompanying air pollution, road crashes, noise pollution, etc. that incites you to complain daily about reaching the office late due to traffic and extra commuting expenditures?


If you are thinking about a solution to these, carpooling in Hyderabad is the best one ever!

Two green vehicles emit gray smoke, worsening pollution in Hyderabad. Opting for carpooling can help address this environmental issue.

What is carpooling?

Carpooling refers to a group of people sharing a car, a ride, or traveling ways. together to other everyday destinations.
Carpooling is helpful in many ways:

  • It helps in saving money as you share the expenses of the ride

  • It contributes to reducing traffic- One car for four people vs. four people riding four different cars

  • It lessens the impact on the environment- by having fewer cars on the road. 

Carpooling is a very effective solution for daily commuters. It is a feasible tool for pickup and drop off services to offices and co-working spaces where professionals from the same or different organizations might be commuting to the same or similar route every day. 

Hydrabad city view with Bridge lake and buildings

In fact, several companies in corporate India, including Infosys, Capgemini, Ericsson, and EY Global Delivery Services, are leaving no stone unturned to be eco-heroes by motivating employees to opt for carpooling. Surprisingly, almost 50% of private car users in India had considered carpooling in 2019, and over 40 percent of those respondents were willing to go to work every day by carpooling. 

Interestingly, a carpool lane means a car-sharing lane, high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, or diamond lane, which is a designated lane on a roadway or highway, reserved for vehicles carrying multiple passengers. The primary purpose of carpool lanes is to encourage ride-sharing, reduce traffic congestion, and promote more efficient use of road infrastructure.

We are aware that there may be a few factors to consider when carpooling, particularly safety and trust factors. When it comes to safety on the road prefer a carpooling website that verifies users and provides safety features like traveling with individuals you know and trust, such as friends, family members, or colleagues. There are many carpooling apps, but one of the best carpooling apps is the one that provides us with both “TRUST” and “NO HIDDEN COST”. POOLit brings to you BOTH, being the best option for carpooling in Hyderabad. 

You can use POOLit while traveling anywhere in Hyderabad. Be it from Madhpur to Hitec City,  Hitec City to Secunderabad, Secunderabad to Banjara Hills, or Banjara Hills to Gachibowli for your office. Ramoji Film City, Charminar, Golconda Fort, and other attractions for outings on weekends, or, intercity travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, Chennai, Tirupati, or Goa. Anywhere and anytime, the best carpool app in Hyderabad–POOLit, for carpooling in Hyderabad, is always at your fingertips. 

Introducing POOLit 

POOLit is a super app for you to connect with like-minded professionals, enabling you to pool rides with fellow verified users from yours and other companies and institutions. 


While carpooling in Hyderabad, you can invite people and share your ride and location with our seamless integration with WhatsApp. You can also choose to enable the gender filter to further customize your carpooling experience with the riders of your choice. 


You can find people going on the same route through us, book an Ola or Uber, split fares, and save money.  We trust riders to pay an appropriate amount to the driver, and the best part is that POOLit is commission-free. Remember, POOLit can only be used by VERIFIED professionals and students belonging to our list of VERIFIED companies and institutions. 

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How to get started on POOLit?

  • Installing POOLit App

Register on the POOLit app using your company’s or educational institute’s email address. Be assured that your email address will only be used for verification

  • Verifying

i. You can sign up right away if POOLit has already verified your company or institution. If not, it will be verified within the next 24 hours. 

ii. If your organization is not approved or you want to sign up using your personal email address, please get referred by someone who is already

using POOLit. 


iii. Click on POOLit Carpool and GET STARTED!

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Download POOLit App

  • Get rid of surge pricing by sharing your cab going on the same route.

  • Personalized carpooling communities based on your organization, society, co-working space and college.

  • Pay what you want! The company charges nothing from the users.

  • Share your travel expenses and save your precious time and money.

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