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Free Classifieds In India 

What is online Classifieds?

Free classifieds in india- Online classifieds serve as a listing service where people post their advertisements, for buying or selling second-hand items. These classified ads can also be found on the classified apps available on online platforms such as POOLit Classifieds.

The classified platforms allow people to either sell or buy second-hand items by listing them on the websites or apps as there are various categories & numerous advertisements displayed through which you can select your desired products. On the other hand, when an ad is liked by the user, they can connect on these platforms & seal the deal. These apps have chat features to connect seamlessly with the user.

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Classified ads examples:
Earlier, classified ads were restricted to newspapers, magazines, and print media only. But with the emergence of digital media, now classified ads can be found online as well, with both free and paid options.


  • Second-hand items stores - In India, there are several shops that sell second-hand items like electronics, books and clothes, you sure can find and buy unique items, but there’s no proof of authentication. There are markets in many cities that sell secondhand items around India.

  • Society WhatsApp Groups - People these days use WhatsApp groups to display ads to buy & sell second-hand items but the transaction is very casual. There’s no clarity on the quality of the product plus they usually have no return policy. Thus making it a risky exchange and on top of that, spam messages that ruin
    their user experience.

  • Classifieds Websites - India has a lot of free classifieds websites where you can buy/sell your secondhand items though the
    users might not be verified nor do you have any guarantee of
    the delivery of items or monetary transactions.

  • Classifieds Apps - Apps are rather easy to access as the ads are categorically divided & there are several apps that’ll allow you to be part of a verified community for trustworthy transactions
    One such App is POOLit Classifieds. It encourages people to give away their secondhand products for minimal price or even for free to allow people to declutter & give away the items to verified professionals on the platform who would use them.

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There are various categories of classified ads available on these platforms like used books, second-hand phones, second-hand laptops, used clothes, gadgets etc. With each category consisting of many classified ads, it’s easier for the buyer to choose their desired products & connect with the seller.

How to find free classified ads in India:
Many websites claim to be classified sites. As the posting on the classified sites is for free you might find many junk ad posting & many scammers on the sites in form of both buyer & seller. It’s very difficult to find genuine buyers & sellers on classified sites.
You can search for various sources either online or offline. These days various platforms that are available online are booming and one of those is a classified app like POOLit Classifieds which allows you to register for free & post ads on their portal, search easily & have a safe experience with other verified professionals on the platform.

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One needs to be very specific about the title & description of their secondhand items that they are finding or willing to sell. To find free classifieds in India, you can even search through location-specific ads. It becomes convenient to search products within your location range as you can exchange your secondhand items very easily & even carry out monetary transactions.

Post free classified ads in India:

POOLit Classifieds is an excellent solution for this problem, as it only allows verified professionals & university students to sign up onto their app & even has their organization & institutions authenticated. Thus creating a trust-based community for you to buy & sell your secondhand items easily & transact effortlessly.

The best way to publish classified ads in the corresponding free classified ad posting sites like POOLit Classifieds, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Step 1: Signup on the POOLit App with your professional Email ID.

Step 2: Update your profile information to get verified & to get updates for the offers from buyers on your ad.

Step 3: Choose from the categories for your secondhand items to be listed.

Step 4: Add at least two proper Image of the product, title, description & select the location for more desirable results.

Step 5: If you want to charge the price you can enter your preferred amount or you can choose the option of “pay what you want”. You can even opt to give away items for free.

Step 6: After submitting the ad, it’ll be live on the POOLit Classifieds for the users to view & connect with you if needed.

It’s convenient for the users to post free classifieds ads in India, and on the selected platform with all these easy steps & list the products to get the best deals.

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