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What to check before buying a Second Hand Laptop?

Laptops have become an indispensable part of one’s personal and professional life and are a must-have item nowadays. This electronic device comes at a steep price and is in huge demand, especially after the pandemic hit millions of people in the year 2020.

Stay-at-home executives working online, students virtually attending schools and colleges, and people connecting with friends and families through virtual meeting gateways are contributing to the rapidly growing demand for laptops. Buying a second-hand laptop?

The need and use of laptops have increased but if you have a budget constraint then buying a used or second-hand laptop looks like a more feasible option.

Buying a secondhand laptop can:

Be Environment Friendly & Reduce E-Waste

Increase Personal Savings

Provide variety with less investment


Considering the following points to buy an already-in-use/ used laptop can make your purchasing decision even more viable:

1. Used or Refurbished -

Figure out first if the laptop is Used or Refurbished. A used laptop is the one which an individual must have used themselves and would have sold it or returned it whereas A Refurbished is a previously used laptop that has been repaired or otherwise rejuvenated and is being sold.

2. Windows and Pre-installed programs -

As a buyer, you should be clear if you are looking for Windows or MacBook. If you choose to have a Windows laptop, as a buyer you will have to confirm the Windows operating system version of the laptop. Check for the version based on the purpose of your use. It is also important to know if the operating system is genuine or not. Check for genuine pre-installed programs and Applications such as MS Office and others.

3. Storage and RAM

Depending upon the purpose of your use of the machine you can decide if the RAM of the laptop is suitable. Do keep in mind that the RAM of the laptops can be changed later. As a buyer, you should be clear about the storage type and its size.

4. Functionality of all ports and webcam

It is important to check the functionality of all ports such as the USB device attachment port, Headphones port, and other available ports. Don’t forget to check on the working of the webcam.

5. Functionality of features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others

The in-built features in laptops such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also very important to check since internet connectivity via Wi-Fi is significant for laptop use. It comes in handy too while connecting laptops to various other devices such as speakers, headphones, etc.

6 . Display, Keys and Touchpad

Checking the Laptop Display screen is essential including the screen size, clarity, and color display adjustments. Press all the keys to make sure they are functional. Test the touchpad to see if the clicks via the touchpad work properly.

7. Fan and Battery

The laptop fan should work well and ensure that the laptop does not immediately get heated after switching ON. The battery should not drain immediately after a little usage.

8. Cracks and Dents

Look for cracks and dents if any and if they are there, inquire if they are repairable.

9. Charger

Check if the charger of the laptop is working. Attach the charger to the laptop for some time to check it properly.

10. Price

Negotiate with the seller for the price based on all of the above factors and accept a real price from the seller.

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