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Should I buy a camera or a phone?

We say initially invest in a secondhand!

Cameras have become the most important and useful tool today. And if you are a professional photographer, you will totally agree with that. Even sixty percent of the freshers pursuing photography suggest cameras are more adept at taking creative control over the photograph outcome. Should you buy a camera or a phone?

Phones are designed to be easy to use to get a quick snapshot. This is how most people use them. There are many good apps available to enable more manual control of the camera settings on your phone.

If we look at the prices of a professional setup for a camera it might be expensive or even unaffordable for a pocket friendly budget.

But why worry when we have a modern solution for your confusion about whether to buy a camera or a phone.

Buying or Selling second hand cameras is the new way of saving money and not letting your old equipment go waste. Many Youtubers, photographers, film-makers, cinematographers are opting for second hand cameras.

Choosing a second hand camera can:

  1. Save Money

  2. Give options to experiment with different kinds of gears

  3. Buy more than one second hand product over making huge investments in one

If you are just starting out in the fields of photography or vlogging, you can start by purchasing a good second hand phone or camera to get a hold of the Controls and Settings. Once you find your best pick, you can then make a long term investment in buying something fancier and costly. At times, second hand products help freelancers to take up various projects with a wide variety of commercial shoots.

The benefits of going for this option are-

  1. You can save on a lot of money.

  2. Experiment with the kind of gear you are comfortable with.

  3. Buy a variety of second hand products than to have invested a tone in one.

  4. You can also buy second hand phones in order to practice your hand around photography or vlogging.

Online second hand purchase platforms such as – POOLit, OLX, Cashify, etc also feature real product reviews and securely connect buyers and sellers for product related correspondence. The golden rule for buying is to always get your hands on the camera before you buy. If this isn’t possible, make sure the description and images are as detailed as possible.

Whether you go for a second hand camera or a second hand phone, it is a win-win for you and for the environment! Check out some amazing second hand camera and phones collection on POOLit Classifieds.

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