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Carpool from Mumbai to Goa

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Goa, the land of beaches, is one of the most famous destinations among Indian tourists. Goa is a haven for overwhelming beaches, cruises, water sports, churches, seafood, carnivals, and more. Being such a famous destination, people from all over the world come to visit Goa throughout the year. 

More than 3.0 million tourists, including 0.5 million foreign tourists, visit Goa every year, and the number is growing at a healthy pace. 

Many people love the adventurous road trip from Mumbai to Goa. It takes 11 hours to drive from Mumbai to Goa, traveling in the east via the Mumbai Pune Highway to get on NH 48 and driving south until you can get on Highway 54 going west, moving towards Goa. 

Goa is one of Mumbai's top weekend getaways. All travel enthusiasts have driven down to Goa from Mumbai, and often many people traveling have questions like how much distance it is from both the destinations, how to reach from Mumbai to Goa, to make your travel more eco friendly and budget friendly, carpooling from Mumbai to Goa is the best choice one can make in order to reduce their cost and make the commute easy. POOLit is the best carpool online app to carpool Mumbai to Goa. 

Images of Tamhini Ghat waterfall, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Lord Parashurama temple and Lonavala lake

A road trip to Goa from Mumbai is beautiful. You come across the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Kansai Waterfalls, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Lord Parashurama Temple, Lonavala Lakes, Satara, Kolhapur, and many more exciting places. So what can be better than going to Goa by road and visiting these destinations too. Use POOLit and carpool with verified people and travel economically.

POOLit is a community driven company with no commission charges. Your outing to Goa might seem expensive, but through POOLit carpooling, you can save a lot of money during your travel.

You can Carpool Mumbai to Goa, Navi Mumbai to Goa, Pune to Goa,  Lonavala to Goa, Kolhapur to Goa.

Here are some benefits of carpooling in Mumbai :

  • The cost is shared b/w the driver and the rider.

  • It's a  step towards sustainability as it  creates a direct impact in minimizing pollution. Hence, saving the environment.

  • On the way to commute it helps in building connections and establishing a network with professionals.

  • Creating a pool, scheduling it, improves punctuality of one's own self.

Learn more about the benefits of carpooling.

POOLit is the best carpool app in Mumbai that makes your commuting easy, convenient money saving. Travel with verified professionals and make new friends on the way.

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