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Convenient Commutes to and from Your Tech Park by carpooling in Bangalore

Traffic congestion in Bangalore is a pressing issue that affects millions of commuters daily According to the Deccan Herald Bangalore as the worst traffic congestion in India. The city's roads frequently experience gridlock, especially during peak hours, resulting in significant delays and frustration for drivers. This congestion not only wastes valuable time but also contributes to increased fuel consumption and air pollution which is five times worse than WHO guidelines, according to The Hindu. 

Addressing Bangalore's traffic challenges is crucial for improving overall urban mobility and ensuring a smoother, more efficient transportation experience for residents and businesses alike. Measures such as carpooling in Bangalore can play a vital role in alleviating congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road, thereby easing traffic flow and enhancing the quality of life in the city. With the aim of having "One Less Car On The Road", POOLit believes that carpooling & ridesharing is a very effective method of curbing this issue of traffic in Bangalore.

A picture of a congested road in Bangalore , there are a bunch of white cars on the road,can be reduced by using poolit the carpool app

Commuting challenges in Bangalore

  • Traffic Congestion: Bangalore's roads are frequently gridlocked, especially during peak hours, causing long delays and frustration for commuters.

  • Public Transport Limitations: Although Bangalore has a public bus system (BMTC) and a metro rail network, coverage is not comprehensive, leaving many areas underserved and forcing commuters to seek alternative transportation solutions.

  • Last-Mile Connectivity: Connecting from transport hubs like bus stops and metro stations to final destinations poses a challenge due to inadequate last-mile connectivity options, hindering seamless travel across the city.

A picture 2 people about to enter a red car , about to use Poolit the carpool app
  • Urban Sprawl: Bangalore's rapid urban expansion has led to increased distances between residential areas and workplaces, contributing to longer commute times and adding to traffic congestion on major thoroughfares.

Why carpool in Bangalore?

Bangalore boasts over 7,000 start-ups. Making it India's leading start-up hub, so carpooling in Bangalore cultivates community and networking opportunities among commuters. According to Times of India Bangalore is at the 21st spot in the list of top startup hubs in the world. Bangalore being the IT Capital of India, has more than a dozen Tech Parks housing over 67000 registered IT companies. It brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering social interactions and creating chances for both personal friendships and professional connections. This shared experience extends beyond transportation, enriching the urban fabric and enhancing networking possibilities in the city.

A picture of Embassy tech village in Bangalore, India, there is a road in front of the buildings and there are white cars on the road
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5 steps to get started on POOLit!

1.  Install POOLit App: ​Register on the POOLit app using your company’s or educational institute’s email address         from the POOLit carpooling website. Be assured that your email address will only be used for verification

2. Verifying: Sign up instantly if POOLit has already verified your company or institution; if not, verification will be         completed within 24 hours. If your organization isn't approved or you prefer to sign up with your personal email,       get referred by someone already using POOLit. Click on POOLit Carpool and GET STARTED!

3.  If you want to SHARE a ride: Enter your pick-up, dropping location, date, and leaving time. Add a stop if                     needed. Select seats and comment on your preferred fare.

4.  If you want to OFFER a ride: Enter origin, destination, date, and leaving time. Add a stop if needed. Offer up to        seats, set your fare expectations, and check payment options. Click "Find Pools" for instant matching with                  trustworthy professionals.

5.  Connect seamlessly: POOLit's integrated chat feature lets you communicate directly, share locations, and find         convenient pick-up points—building connections that may last a lifetime.

Commute to and from your corporate park with ease!

Bangalore hosts several prominent corporate parks that are hubs for businesses, technology companies, and startups. POOLit is used to travel to and from these corporate parks

Our top carpooling route include:

Whitefield to Manyata tech park, Indiranagar to Bagmane Tech Park, JP Nagar to Manyata Tech Park, Whitefield to ITPL Tech park, Malleshwaram to Prestige Tech Park, JP Nagar to Embassy GolfLinks Business Park, Manyata Tech Park to JP Nagar along with many more.

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Download POOLit App

  • Get rid of surge pricing by sharing your cab going on the same route.

  • Personalized carpooling communities based on your organization, society, co-working space and college.

  • Pay what you want! The company charges nothing from the users.

  • Share your travel expenses and save your precious time and money.

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