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Carpool in Noida

The issue of pollution in Delhi Noida is not hidden from anybody. The level of pollution touches a new mark every year. The annual Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi NCR after Diwali, according to CPCB data, has shown a troubling escalation, rising from 368 in 2019 to 435 in 2020, peaking at 462 in 2021, and maintaining elevated levels with readings of 303 in 2022 and 358 in 2023, underscoring the consistently alarming air quality situation.


The government of Delhi implemented the very famous Odd-Even rule along with requesting the citizens to carpool with each other.

A green car emitting gray smoke on the road contributes to environmental pollution; promoting carpooling can help reduce such emissions.
A graphical representation illustrating the air quality levels in Noida, with the backdrop of Noida's traffic conditions which could be reduced using carpooling.

With the aim of having "One Less Car On The Road", POOLit believes that carpooling & ridesharing is a very effective method of curbing this issue of pollution in Noida. Through POOLit, one can share their vehicle with other people going on that similar route. One classic example that comes up in the process of carpooling in Noida is people sharing rides while going to office (work) from home and vice versa.

It should be noted that ridesharing in POOLit is not just limited to personal vehicles but one can also share Ola/Uber cabs on this platform. Find your co-traveler on POOLit, book an Ola/Uber, and split fare.

The morning and evening time in Noida are the peak times when the corporate people travel. Carpooling helps them in saving their travelling time and cost. Since POOLit works on 'Pay What You Want' model, it creates a culture of helpfulness and gives a choice to the driver whether the person wants to accept money or not.

As more and more people choose carpooling as their commute option, it will eventually reduce the number of cars on the road and hence will help in controlling the pollution of the Noida. Ridesharing also helps in reducing the carbon pollutants and makes the environment clean. Not just carpooling, people have shown interest in bike pooling as well where they use the same concept of carpooling on bikes.

Carpooling Routes in Noida

Some very popular carpool routes in Noida are Ghaziabad to Noida, Greater Noida to Noida, Faridabad to Noida, Gurgaon to Noida, Noida to Delhi, Noida to Gurgaon, Noida to Ghaziabad, etc.

Intercity Carpooling Routes in Noida

Some intercity and outstation carpool routes includes Jaipur to Noida, Noida to Chandigarh, Noida to Meerut, Agra to Noida, Noida to Jaipur, etc.

A female driver is seated inside the car, while two other passengers are walking towards the vehicle to join the carpool, facilitated by a carpool app.
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Download POOLit App

  • Get rid of surge pricing by sharing your cab going on the same route.

  • Personalized carpooling communities based on your organization, society, co-working space and college.

  • Pay what you want! The company charges nothing from the users.

  • Share your travel expenses and save your precious time and money.

The POOLit carpooling app mock-up displaying the riders matching.
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