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Mumbai Carpool

Mumbai, The financial capital of India, is among the top 10 most congested cities in the world. According to Money Control, there are about 10.2 lakh private cars on Mumbai's roads, and 510 private cars every kilometer. Mumbai carpool can change a lot for the city.

This worsening traffic on the roads, pollution by vehicles, rising petrol prices are some of the major challenges that Mumbai faces everyday. Mumbai Carpooling can be very effective to combat all these problems in a single go!

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With the purpose of "One Less Car On The Road," POOLit believes that carpooling & ride sharing are a very effective way to reduce traffic congestion in Mumbai. POOLit carpool app in Mumbai allows users to share their vehicle with others who are traveling to the same location. People sharing rides while commuting to office (work) from home and vice versa is a prominent example that makes Mumbai Carpool successful.


When more and more people will choose to carpool in Mumbai, it will eventually reduce the number of cars on the roads and thus help control traffic.

Ride sharing will also help in reducing the carbon pollutants & thus making the environment clean and healthy. Many citizens have shown interest in bike pooling as well where the person carpools with another person and rides on a single bike.

During the peak hours of commute when most of the working professionals are traveling to office or home. Carpooling in one vehicle instead of 3-4 different vehicles will reduce traveling time, cost & parking space. POOLit is a carpool app in Mumbai free, it works on the “Pay what you want” model. It helps in creating connections out of helpfulness and gives an alternative to drivers to accept money for the services or not.

POOLit is the best carpool app in Mumbai makes commuting easy, convenient and saves you money. Travel with verified professionals and make new friends on the go.


Carpooling Routes in Mumbai

Carpool to Navi Mumbai, Borivali, Andheri, Lower Parel, Churchgate, Mira-Bhayander etc and also from Vile Parle East to Wadala, Khar West to Mira Road, Santacruz East to Worli, Vikhroli West to Powai, Lower Parel to Kandivali, Andheri East to Juhu etc.

Intercity carpools : Carpool from Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Nashik, Mumbai to Ahmednagar, Mumbai to Surat, Mumbai to Ahmedabad and more.

Benefits of Carpooling in Mumbai 

  • Shares cost to the driver as well as the rider.

  • Taking a step towards sustainability by creating a direct impact in reducing pollution and saving the environment.

  • Build connections and establish a network with professionals.

  • Improves punctuality as deciding to carpool and following a schedule intakes a lot of strength and motivation.

Learn more about the benefits of carpooling

Download the POOLit app and Signup with your organization's email address and match with professionals

near you in Mumbai.

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