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Jaipur to Delhi

Sharing cab for outstation rides using POOLit

Rajasthan is on fire! Did you know that in 2022, about 11 crore people visited Rajasthan, and by just September 2023, the number was already more than 10 crore? With numerous domestic as well as international visitors, Rajasthan has climbed from 11th to 7th place in the national and international tourism rankings as well. As many routes across India don't directly connect to Rajasthan, Delhi becomes a hub. Jaipur, the pink city in Rajasthan, is well-connected with cities across Rajasthan and Delhi NCR via NH-48, making it easier for people to reach Delhi within 5 hours, hence contributing to the increasing tourism. But here's the bump – during the holidays, the 272-km one-way outstation taxi fare from Jaipur to Delhi might go to Rs. 5,000/- or higher.  

Jal Mahal Water Palace, Jaipur

Not only for tourists, but as a resident of Jaipur, you may need to travel, or your weekend escape may be Delhi, but finding last-minute bus or train tickets seems like a challenge that comes with long hours of travel and numerous halts, delaying your journey further. This also applies to Delhi residents who are considering taking a weekend trip to Jaipur. Additionally, sky-high cab fare is a common challenge. 

The most effective way to deal with this is to carpool, which enables you to split fares with your co-passengers to travel nearly 272 km from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing cab, car, or taxi within a budget.

Why choose to carpool from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing cabs, cars, or taxis?

The benefit of carpooling is not limited to reducing expenses by splitting fares with your co-passengers traveling from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing cabs, cars, or taxis. Carpooling enables you to avoid the last-minute hassle of tickets becoming unavailable for trains, and buses as it matches you with real-time passengers. Furthermore, a car journey is more comfortable than crowded public transport, where a seat for yourself is not always guaranteed!

A women is walking towards a car to join a carpool

Approximately 20,000 people go from Jaipur to Delhi every day, and some of them use the road. If you are a regular commuter from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing cab or your personal car is possible through a carpooling group comprised of passengers on the same route or destination as yours. You can split the toll charge on NH-48 and save money on fuel prices for your personal car. Alternatively, sharing rides instead of driving alone can help reduce the number of cars on the road and, consequently, shorten the line at the toll stand, allowing you to arrive at your destination earlier. 

But are you wondering whom to share rides with? To ensure safety, security, and affordability in ridesharing, the best option is to share cabs with only verified professionals using the POOLit app

Introducing POOLit

The POOLit Carpool app is one of the most popular and the best carpooling app in India that focuses on “one less car on the road” and shared rides. Unlike traditional apps to share rides or book cab, POOLit operates on a commission-free model, putting the power back in your hands with a 'Pay What You Want' approach for shared rides. The POOLit Carpool app is a community of verified professionals from different corporations, ensuring your travels are not only pocket-friendly but safe and secure.

Apart from sharing only personal vehicles, you can seamlessly connect to carpool and share Ola and Uber cabs, for outstation destinations like Delhi, Agra, Gurgaon, Vrindavan or Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Ajmer, Alwar, etc. During peak office hours, professionals on the go can choose to optimize their travel time by carpooling that is, sharing their personal cars or one-way outstation taxi from Delhi to Jaipur or vice versa, using the POOLit app to cut costs and beat congestion at tolls on NH-48.

Features of POOLit App

  • Verified users from companies

  • Pay what you want

  • Community filter (choose to travel with your co-workers or same-gender co-passengers)

  • Share cabs booked from Ola/Uber

  • Seamless integration with messaging platforms

  • Collaborative consumption

a women is exploring POOLit app for her daily commute to office
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5 steps to get started on POOLit!

1.  Install POOLit App: ​Register on the POOLit app using your company’s or educational institute’s email address from the POOLit carpooling website. Be assured that your email address will only be used for verification

2. Verifying: Sign up instantly if POOLit has already verified your company or institution; if not, verification will be completed within 24 hours. If your organization isn't approved or you prefer to sign up with your personal email, get referred by someone already using POOLit. Click on POOLit Carpool and GET STARTED!

3.  If you want to SHARE a ride: Enter your pick-up, dropping location, date, and leaving time. Add a stop if needed. Select seats and comment on your preferred fare.

4.  If you want to OFFER a ride: Enter origin, destination, date, and leaving time. Add a stop if needed. Offer up to seats, set your fare expectations, and check payment options. Click "Find Pools" for instant matching with trustworthy professionals.

5.  Connect seamlessly: POOLit's integrated chat feature lets you communicate directly, share locations, and find convenient pick-up points—building connections that may last a lifetime.

Using POOLit for outstation destinations from Jaipur and Delhi

Jaipur is extensively connected by roads; thus, taking road trips from Jaipur is so enthralling. Don’t forget to share the intercity cab while exploring the intercity destinations from Jaipur. A drive of 5 hours from Jaipur to Jodhpur is the ideal way to experience the city’s historic charm. In addition to the neighborhood dhabas offering regional specialties, there are several luxury hotels and resorts along the way. You can also share the ride from Jaipur to Pushkar, situated 145 km away. In all seasons, the road trip to Pushkar will captivate you with remnants of the glorious history of Rajasthan. Other famous intercity destinations include Jaipur to Ajmer, Jaipur to Alwar, Jaipur to Bikaner, Jaipur to Jaisalmer, Jaipur to Udaipur, Jaipur to Ranthambore, etc. 

Humayuns Tomb in Delhi, Pushkar Lake in Pushkar, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Junagarh Fort in Bikaner are some of the places that a person can travel from Jaipur using POOLit carpool app

Apart from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing cab or car is the best option to travel to other outstation destinations from Jaipur, that include Jaipur to Delhi, Jaipur to Gurgaon, Jaipur to Agra, Jaipur to Vrindavan, etc.

Likewise, as a resident of Delhi, you can use POOLit to share an outstation taxi and intercity cab service, whether you book it online or from the stands. Popular intercity carpooling routes include Delhi to Agra, Delhi to Jaipur, Delhi to Chandigarh, Delhi to Lucknow, Delhi to Punjab, and Delhi to Amritsar. For regular office commutes in Delhi, the busiest office routes like roads towards Nehru Place, Karol Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Saket, and routes Delhi to Gurgaon, Kashmiri Gate to Noida, or Delhi to Noida, etc. can be converted into famous carpooling routes using POOLit.

The POOLit community

The POOLit community is spread across the country and is distinct from all carpooling apps in India that aim to redefine your daily commute by merging environmental sustainability with affordability. The POOLit carpool app is a popularly used ridesharing platform in most cities in India like New Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, HyderabadChennai etc

POOLit goes beyond just rides and strives to make a difference in the way people commute to contribute to a greener and more connected future. Join the POOLit community to embark on this journey—where convenience, economy, and sustainability meet not only on the carpooling routes or while traveling from Jaipur to Delhi, sharing a cab or car, but also on other emerging carpooling routes in India.

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Download POOLit App

  • Get rid of surge pricing by sharing your cab going on the same route.

  • Personalized carpooling communities based on your organization, society, co-working space and college.

  • Pay what you want! The company charges nothing from the users.

  • Share your travel expenses and save your precious time and money.

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