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Carpool with professionals
Find and give rides.
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Pay what you want

We trust riders to pay an appropriate amount to the driver. We don't get any cut from either side.​

Share your Ola/ Uber

Facing surge pricing?
Find people going on the same route, book an Ola/Uber, split fare, and save your money!

Community Filter

Create carpooling groups based on your college, society, organization or co-working space​.

Seamless integration with Whatsapp

Invite people, share your ride, share location, and much more with our seamless integration with WhatsApp.


Ride with verified professionals​

Only professionals and their referred members are allowed to join our community. We verify users with their organizations mail id.

Simplified user experience​

In addition to some of our unique features, our app is designed to offer the most simplified and amazing carpooling experience.

Offer or request rides without creating a pool​

POOLit app displays pools based on your location, so that you can directly offer or request a ride in one single tap!

Real time matches​

Experience real-time matches with our faster pooling system. Check the feed and get matched instantly!